Chocolate milk after your workout helps? Score!

So I’ve been hearing for a while now that LOW-FAT chocolate milk has become the new, best, post-workout recovery drink. You know, like Gatorade. I REALLY wanted this to be the case, but you know how those studies are. One comes out saying this is awesome and perfect and another comes out saying it’s horrible and causes cancer. Hmm…

So I did my own looking. I found 3 short articles you should check out! I found this article from Mind,Body,and Spirit’s Fitness Magazine. And this one from Medical News Today. Both reflect on studies done with athletes who consumed 3 different drinks after their vigorous workouts and looked at muscle recovery afterwards. Here’s the short of it:
  • Low-Fat Chocolate milk has good numbers when it comes to carbs and protein.
  • It performs just as well as Gatorade and way more than Endurox when it comes to muscle repair after intense workouts.
Score, right? Lastly, I checked to see what Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrion had to say about it. (He’s my go-to when it comes to performance and nutrition.) Read the complete question and answer section all the way at the bottom of the page here. The short of this one:
  • Yes, low-fat chocolate milk has been proven to help, but only with those who aren’t intolerant to lactose.
  • Yes, if you’re tolerant of milk protein.
  • Yes if it’s low-fat.
  • Yes if you’re working out at a very high level, enough to require a ‘recovery drink’.
  • No if none of the above apply to you, which is a lot of people.
So, training for the IronMan? Low-fat chocolate milk could be your jam! Walking your dog or playing in your once-a-week, one hour volleyball league? Not so much. So take a look at you’re training at the moment. If you’re just starting out, chocolate milk may hinder your performance. But if you’re an endurance or competitive athelete and have no problems taking and digesting milk products, this is great news for you!
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