Christmas Tree 2012: Part II

After the jankyness that was last year’s Christmas Tree Fiasco
we though we were doing good by getting our tree without too many hiccups. 
We got our $90 tree home, in the stand, and started to decorate. 
I was bummed about having to throw out my family’s artificial tree last year
but was glad I still had the old lights that we’d used for years: 

Until we plugged them in and realized only a few bulbs actually lit. 
Son of a BITCH. 

So off to Walgreens we went. 
(We were not in the mood for a full-on hardware store trip)
And everything was fine. 
: ) 

Every dancer has cheesy dance ornaments. 
Love them. 

And our cute “McMullen-Begley Christmas 2012” Joy ornament. 
Who knew Walgreens had so much Christmas gear? 

And here’s another fun fact about Christmas tree shopping. 
You pay by the foot. 
Even when the last foot is ONE RANDOM BRANCH. 
That effing janky long branch cost us an additional $12. 

So we’re letting it shine in all its glory: 

I think it looks like it’s fist pumping. 
Forgive the pajamas. 
And that face. 

Alas, we have a tree. And it’s beautiful. 
And it stays lit 24/7 ’round these parts. 

How about you? Is your tree up already? 
Any issues?


Just in case you want to see footage of how awkward cutting down your own tree can be,
Scotty D filmed it for you guys:


You’re welcome.

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Christmas Tree 2012: Lumberjack Edition

So Tamara and I tried to cut down our own tree last Christmas, 
but we got to the farm too late and it was already dark. 
So this year, we were determined (or at least I was)
to cut down our own Christmas Tree. 
So out we went.
I was picturing a saw like this: 
And our performance as intense as this: 
I’ve always been entranced by lumberjack competitions on ESPN
so that’s what I was envisioning… 
I never saw any of those guys use a saw like this: 

It’s ok though. 
We got this ish…

OK… Coat is off. 
Position changed. 
Half splits give you better leverage anyway: 

Getting there: 


Here’s a fun fact: 
At this particular farm it costs twice as much to cut down your own tree. 
Which makes total sense. 
Apparently, they ship in the trees, plant them, and then you cut them down. 
Pre-cut tree: $40
Our manually cut tree: $90
Decorated tree photos/story coming soon! 
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Christmas Tree: Part 3

Once we realized the old tree had seen the last of its days… we had to break down and go buy a live one. We* wanted to go to a Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our own tree, with a saw and everything, but the farm closed at 7 and it was 6:30. So we opted for one from the pre-cut assortment. It was freezing.

Blurry photo makes me look like
somebody from The Ring
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
But we got it home.
Got it up (dot com).
And decorated it.
An ornament I bought from one of my trips this year:
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
The star:
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
And the finished product,
no longer janky:
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!
Hope you’re enjoying yourself with family, friends, or both.
I’m off to finish (start) my Christmas shopping… ’cause I’m that girl.
*When I say we wanted to cut down a tree, it was really just me. Tamara thought I was trippin’. But she was willing to go anyway, ’cause she’s awesome like that
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Christmas Tree Part 2 – The Jank Continues…

So after we put up the old family tree, and after we tried to fix the janky stand, we decided that maybe it’s time to retire the fake tree and go out and buy a real one. It would smell better anyway… But by this time it was late, we were tired, and it wasn’t going to happen that night. We still needed some sort of Christmas decor though… we’d been SO excited to get a tree up.

So why not plug in Tamara’s grandmother’s ceramic tree she’d given us?
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
OMG even this tree is janky!
Note the light that looks a little different from the rest:
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Anybody missing any Lite Brite pieces?
to be continued… again…
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McMullen – Begley Christmas Tree: Part 1

Me (McMullen) and my roomie Tamara (Begley) have been dying to put up the Xmas tree for weeks now and I finally remembered to go grab it from my previous house (left it in the attic). Last year my dad let me have the family tree that we’ve been putting up since I was about 7 or 8 years old.
Total score, right?
Well we got it all put together
Then put some lights on it
and realized something was a bit…
The tree was completely crooked
because the 20 something year old plastic stand
was janky and broken.
So we had to fix* it.
That didn’t go over so well…
which is why there’s a part 2 to this story…
*tape it together with masking tape
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