A Canadian Customs Conversation

I arrived in Canada late Christmas night for a week with my man-friend…

Canada Border Patrol Agent: “What’s your reason for visiting Canada?”

Me: “I’m visiting my boyfriend for Christmas.”

Agent: “How long is your stay?”

Me: “Eight days.”

Agent: “What do you plan on doing while you’re here?”

Me: …

What I was extremely tempted to say: “We haven’t seen each other in a month. What do you think we’ll be doing?”

What I really said: “Skiing.”

Because I am a lady.   ;  )

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Things That Are My Jam: Christmas Edition

Our collection of Christmas cards
I almost didn’t send any out this year because I didn’t have time to make custom ones… 
but I sent one out anwaybecause I know how exciting it is to receive one. 

White Russians (my favorite winter cocktail)
In these glasses my roomie bought… because she KNOWS me. 
These wristbands I ordered for my Bootcampers and clients
Watching It’s A Wonderful Life tonight, like every other Christmas Eve

and this puppy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody out there!

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TRX Bootcamp Holiday Party 2013

For the entire year, my bootcampers and I get together each week. I lead them, they work hard, and we have a good time. However, we’re all tired, sweaty, and not looking our best because it’s either 6am and we’ve just woken up, or it’s 6pm after a long day. I wanted to make sure we all had a chance to get together, dress up, and NOT think about burpees, so I threw a Holiday party and hired my friend, Missy to photograph it… so we’d all have proof that we clean up nicely! And here it is:

Pretending to eat like an animal… and getting photographed while doing it. 
Can’t win ’em all…

Ashley couldn’t attend, but got everybody together to get me a gift. 

Every trainer’s ideal gift: A Lululemon gift card! 
Thanks, Ashley for organizing that and thank you to my bootcampers!
Can’t wait to go shopping. 

My man-friend wrote the sweetest RSVP decline on the Evite, unaware that
everybody else could see it. Everybody thought it was amazing, as did I, so they re-read it.  
Major points were scored.

Kennedy helped hand out all the gifts while I did acknowledgements. 

Expressing my gratitude to work with such amazing people each week. 

Jennifer and Hill hosted the party. Couldn’t have done it without them!

Even my mom came to support me! 
Thanks, Mom! 
Complete photo album on my Fitness Facebook page. 
Thank you SO much, Missy for these beautiful photos! 
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Playlist! Chill Christmas Tunes

I love Christmas music! I don’t get tired of listening to it, but there are sometimes that I’m not in the mood for loud/fast songs that yell at you. Sometimes I want mellow Christmas tunes for the snowy drive home, slow songs that can be playing while I bake treats on a weekend afternoon,  or some that I can sit in the glow of the Christmas tree lights and chill to. So I made this playlist.  [Read more…]
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Crank It ’til Christmas!

Wanna get a head start on your fitness goals? 
Don’t wait ’til January 1st. 
Start with me and TRX… on Monday! 
You can sign up here.
Well, if you live in or around Louisville, that is. : )

Let me know if you have questions! 
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Like a Kid on Christmas Eve…

Y’all don’t even know how excited I am tonight… 
1. My man-friend comes to visit tomorrow
This will be his first visit to Kentucky and
will be meeting everyone
2. It’s snowing right now. 
3. Thanksgiving is this week!
3b. That means I can start listening to Christmas 
music on Thursday night!! 
3c. And we’ll start decorating this weekend!!!
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It was a good Christmas…


Tango LOVED his present! So much so that he treasured it and just carried it around for most of the day. In the car, at my dad’s, etc. He finally dug into it last night, once we were home. So cute.


I caught this moment on the way home from my dad’s house with my brother, sis-in-law, and nephew. They were both passed out… And I was super lucky; they both woke up a few seconds later. Thanks to Amanda for tapping me on the shoulder so I could see it!

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Christmas Tree 2012: Part II

After the jankyness that was last year’s Christmas Tree Fiasco
we though we were doing good by getting our tree without too many hiccups. 
We got our $90 tree home, in the stand, and started to decorate. 
I was bummed about having to throw out my family’s artificial tree last year
but was glad I still had the old lights that we’d used for years: 

Until we plugged them in and realized only a few bulbs actually lit. 
Son of a BITCH. 

So off to Walgreens we went. 
(We were not in the mood for a full-on hardware store trip)
And everything was fine. 
: ) 

Every dancer has cheesy dance ornaments. 
Love them. 

And our cute “McMullen-Begley Christmas 2012” Joy ornament. 
Who knew Walgreens had so much Christmas gear? 

And here’s another fun fact about Christmas tree shopping. 
You pay by the foot. 
Even when the last foot is ONE RANDOM BRANCH. 
That effing janky long branch cost us an additional $12. 

So we’re letting it shine in all its glory: 

I think it looks like it’s fist pumping. 
Forgive the pajamas. 
And that face. 

Alas, we have a tree. And it’s beautiful. 
And it stays lit 24/7 ’round these parts. 

How about you? Is your tree up already? 
Any issues?


Just in case you want to see footage of how awkward cutting down your own tree can be,
Scotty D filmed it for you guys:


You’re welcome.

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Christmas Tree 2012: Lumberjack Edition

So Tamara and I tried to cut down our own tree last Christmas, 
but we got to the farm too late and it was already dark. 
So this year, we were determined (or at least I was)
to cut down our own Christmas Tree. 
So out we went.
I was picturing a saw like this: 
And our performance as intense as this: 
I’ve always been entranced by lumberjack competitions on ESPN
so that’s what I was envisioning… 
I never saw any of those guys use a saw like this: 

It’s ok though. 
We got this ish…

OK… Coat is off. 
Position changed. 
Half splits give you better leverage anyway: 

Getting there: 


Here’s a fun fact: 
At this particular farm it costs twice as much to cut down your own tree. 
Which makes total sense. 
Apparently, they ship in the trees, plant them, and then you cut them down. 
Pre-cut tree: $40
Our manually cut tree: $90
Decorated tree photos/story coming soon! 
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Local Love (Christmas Style) Light Up Louisville

It was a fun T-Day week with less work! 
Saw the new James Bond flick, Skyfall on Wednesday
Grubbed out on Thursday… 
Saw Lincoln on Friday (highly recommend it)… 
and ended that day with seeing the Christmas Tree presentation 
at Light Up Louisville downtown. 
Good times were had by all. 
And now that I can officially listen to Xmas music
It’s ON! 
Me, rommie’s sis – K Beg, and roomie. 
Sorry, ScottyD. The photo I took of the 4 of us was bad. : (
It’s fun when you actually get to hang out in the city you live in. 
: ) 
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