Snow Dogs at Farmington

We have an awesome old plantation home/land near our place. It’s the neighborhood spot to take your dogs to run around. There’s a ton of room, a pretty view, and you get to watch your dogs run mach 10, happy as can be. We are here at least 3 or 4 days a week and Tango and Churchill LOVE it. 
Exhibit A: 

They run like maniacs when they first get there, then 
Tango takes off alone to pee on every bush, tree and post that he can find, 
claiming all as his own. He’s a bit of an alpha… 
But while he’s doing that, Churchill sits. 
And waits. 
Until it’s time to strike!!! 

It’s hilarious. 
Fun is had by all. 
At least for about 15 minutes until we’re close to frostbite and have to head back home…
We’re ready for warmer temps are here. 
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Things That Are My Jam Right Now

The following things are currently my jam: 
1. It’s Pumpkin Pie season, bitches!
This was my first one (of the year) from a couple weeks ago:

2. Yay, BOOTS! 
It’s finally time to be able to wear them and not worry about being hot/sweaty later in the day. 

3. Tango, Churchill, and standing on top of the vent when the heat is on.

4. Kelly Clarkson told all of twitter me personally
that she’s releasing a Christmas Album this year!! Pre-ordering that ish now. 


5. This pumpkin muffin mix. 
It’s about to smell delicious up in here.
Even the dogs know that. 

6. Being in single digit range in the countdown to see my man-friend!
9 days! 

What’s your jam right now? 

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Things of Late (via my Instagram Feed)

Instagram makes everything look better. It just does. 
Somebody made damn-near perfect Banana Bread.  #itwasme

Mid-afternoon power nap buddy, Emmy. 
I love how she always holds on to me with her paw. 
Catching lightning bugs with Churchill and Tango during our walk at dusk. 
Canada = Bear + Elk on the side of the road. 
One of my hardest working clients, Nikki 
who’s strutting her ish in pin-stripe pants she hasn’t worn in a while. 
Kickass lamp hanging at the end of a driveway in the ‘hood. 
The best rasberry this summer.

Are you on instagram? 
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Last Week’s Jams

If you follow me on Instagram, none of these photos are new,
but if you don’t…

These things were my JAM last week
(…and this past weekend)!
Having Bonna’s B Party! 
(more details on that later)
Me, Bonna, Amanda
Getting in a workout Saturday, hill sprints with Chris Tuesday, 
2 hours of climbing with my college buddy, Noble, on Friday, 
and a BEAST mode workout alone Sunday. 
Some serious sun-spot time with Tang and Church:
(that are in NO WAY healthy)
Getting to hang with Mariah’s brand new son, Chase! 
Watching a shit-ton of basketball, while lying on the couch w/ Willie & Emmy
and lastly, and most importantly: 
getting REALLY REALLY lucky totally kicking my man-friend’s ass
in our NCAA Tournament Bracket competition*. 
What’s your JAM right now?

*probably just jinxed the hell out of myself for the remaining games
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This Week…

It’s been a busy week. 
Here’s what’s been goin’ on: 
Lauren’s Wedding
(more photos to come)
Fall slowly making an appearance here

My new fingerless gloves
(that I’ve been living in)  that come in 
“Fit With Flash” yellow 
; ) 

A 30 minute break before clients + large floor sunspot 
= me and pets posting up
So I had to instagram that ish…

Sorry,  Willie and Cash. Emmy is my favorite cat. 
She knows how to snuggle. 

Happy Friday! 
Heading up to Columbus, OH this weekend. 
Back Monday : ) 
Stay tuned for a workout. 
(it’ll prob post next week… maybe)
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Stretching with Animals Pt. 2

I have to stretch as soon as I finish working out, 
or it doesn’t get done. 
Stretching is hard when you’ve got two dogs in the house. 
You’re on THEIR level. 
Which means it’s time to play… (like last time
or snuggle… 
Tango, helping me with my adductors: 
And Churchill providing moral support for my piriformis: 
Look at those faces! 
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Last week was my JAM

I know. 
I haven’t been posting regularly. 
I’m sorry. 
Last week was great. I had my birthday, I worked, 
I traveled (shocker), 
got some great work offers to move me up 
in the industry, 
then I got to celebrate my birthday
(a week later). 
These things contributed to my great week. 
they were my jam: 
This candle from Crystal smells SO good. 
It’s been lit 24/7 ’round these parts. 
It’ll prob be gone within a week. 

I could listen to this Pandora station all day. And I kind of do… 
Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, Ray LaMontagne, 
The Wailin’ Jennys, etc. 
So good. So chill. 
Watching Tang and Church run amok makes me smile. 
Every day. 

Lynn made me dinner in exchange for watching her baby last week while 
she and her hubs had a date night. A fair trade indeed.
 AND you should check out her recipes on her blog
She’s fab. 

After test-paddling kayaks and standup-paddleboards 
Friday night, with Tamara and Scott, 
we got Graeter’s Ice Cream. 
Oh yeah. 
I couldn’t finish mine… but I gave it my best shot. 
 Birthday celebration Saturday night at our fave downtown spot.
Outdoor seating, 15 friends, glow-in-the-dark Ping Pong, and fun lights. 
This is me, (a little D after a lot of Bourbon)with Sarah. 

Enjoying my Sunday with my new favorite book
and a reading partner…

Amanda just moved back to Louisville! 
We haven’t lived in the same city since high school. 
And her preggo belly is adorable. 

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Catch up week: Animals

OK. I’m back in town for a hot second. 
So I’m going to let this week’s posts get you all caught up
on the goings-around in my world. 
Last week: 
All the animals in the house took cute pills or something. 
I couldn’t get enough of them. 
Emmy sleeping in the crook of my legs: 
All three cats just waiting for a shot at 
the moth who flew in the house. 
Moth, you are effed. 
Churchill crashing the workout, but 
helping my friend/client Nikki
with her stretching:
Tango in the field down the road: 
Happy Tuesday. 
I’m back tomorrow with more… 
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Sunspots are my JAM

Sometimes you just need a quiet place to think… 
A warm, quiet place. 
Like the sunspot in your entryway, perhaps? 
T took this photo today…  
Anybody else like the sunspots in the floor? 
 Tang and I do!
This is from San Diego, a couple years ago… 
Sunspots are our JAM. 
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Tango Friday (with Churchill too!)

Tamara took the boys to the Wilderness Loop yesterday
and took these sweet photos while they 
through the creek. 
It’s almost unbearable how cute these guys are. 

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend ahead of you. 
I’m headed to Chicago to teach TRX
For all you L’villians, have a blast at Thunder
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