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As you may know, we have 5 animals in our house.
My dog, 3 cats, and Churchill.
Churchill is Tamara’s dog and he’s… special. ; )
If nothing else, we stay plenty entertained.
Churchill gets this burst of energy every night around 9:30pm.
I filmed this (do you “film” with your iPhone?)
after he’d already been at it for a few minutes:
And this is what he and Cash like to do
on a regular basis:
(I promise Cash isn’t being hurt.
He loves this and could run off, if he wanted to, at any time)
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Churchill is currently in puppy obedience school…
which, turns out, is VERY entertaining.
Tuck is my new favorite puppy from class:
I’m off to Chicago and then Duluth.
Let’s pray I don’t freeze to death…
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Animal House

I’m off to Chicago this weekend (cheers!) so I’m going to leave you with adorable animal faces to ogle at while I’m gone… I adopted Tango a couple years ago and just moved in with my friend, Tamara. She has a dog as well. And 3 cats. It’s a good time here.

With that said, I present you with “Animals of the Heezy”
and you all know Tango : )
Have a great weekend! See you Monday!
There’s a Tango and Cash joke here somewhere… just don’t know where.
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Living with dogs…

Tango loves when I stretch. I’m down on his level and he always wants to be right in my grill. Now we live with another dog, Churchill (9 months old) and he’s pretty pumped about me stretching as well.
Note his face IN MY STOMACH.
Never a dull moment in this household…
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