Outfit Post… seriously.

Need another reason to like Lululemon ish? 
(I need another reason like a need a hole in my head). 

This running top (that I just bought) 
Plus these yoga/workout/running pants (that I’ve had for a while) 
equals this cute-ass outfit that I’m wearing to travel to Philly in today.
Cute. Comfy. Bam.

*Churchill’s not impressed, but I think I look good. 

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Hot Mess

For those of you that work in offices and have to get dressed up every day, you probably LOVE getting to lounge around in sweats, yoga pants, and other comfy clothes. I am the opposite. I wear workout clothes every day, all day long. I go from being sweaty, running around outside with my bootcamp, to drying off while training a client, to sweaty again an hour later with another bootcamp. Sure it’s nice to be able to roll out of bed and be ready in 10 minutes in the mornings, but the downfall is that I look a HOT MESS. All. Day. Long.

Exhibit A:
Hair a mess.
Outfit: tank, sports bra, and workout pants.
Make up from the day before, gone.
Tango’s the cutest part of this photo.
So when I finally do get to go out, even for the tiniest occasion, I jump at the chance to wear cute clothes, put some make-up on, and throw on some heels. This was last week’s NKOTBSB concert. I might have been the fanciest chick there. DID NOT CARE.
Exhibit B:
Make up.
Cute clothes.
Hair still in ponytail, but minus the sweat.
Fancy earrings/heels.
Eyebrows raised, get some.
At least I thought I looked good. Apparently some old guy thought I was a hooker. While I was walking back to my car at the end of the night, he circled the block 3 times to holler at me and asked me to go with him. Sigh…
Earrings and heels: Forever 21
Shirt: Gift from BFF
Shorts: Express
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