Travel Thoughts: Colorado

I flew into Denver last weekend to teach a course in Colorado Springs. 
I had the whole weekend in Colorado, which is a nice change of pace to my trips lately. 
My thoughts on Colorado: 
* Yay for Shana being in Denver tonight too! 
*Chillin’ in a hotel with a buddy, room service, and the Denver Christmas Parade on tv    #ThingsThatAreMyJam
* I’m enjoying this 75 mph speed limit on I25. 
* Except when some people drive 60 mph. In the fast lane. Seriously? 
* I have an entire day free in the mountains and there’s NO SNOW. Bummer. 
* At least it’s almost 70 degrees outside! Glad Game. 
* Elf is on tonight! Yes! 
* I love that Denver has 3 radio stations playing Christmas music. High five, radio peeps. 
* Free valet parking at the shops in Cherry Creek? Yes, please. 
* 5 points to the parking attendant who said I looked like Angelina Jolie. I’ll take it. 
* Minus every one of those points for him not being able to hide the utter disappointment on his face 
when, in fact, I was not her. Sorry dude. You’d thought I just took away his soul or something. 
* Yay for finding out Garden of the Gods was in Colorado Springs! And it’s FREE! 
* Totally packed with tourists, such as myself, but a great detour on my way to my hotel. I love seeing 
places like this. 
* It’s nice not to have to fly out of town as soon as my course is over. With a flight the next morning, I can relax tonight and watch Four Christmases!
*Denver, why is your airport in the middle of NOWHERE? 
* At least the airport looks like circus tents… that’s fun. 
* Yay for having airline status and getting the shorter line at security. 
* Too bad that status doesn’t mean SHIT when you’ve got a mobile boarding pass and the only line that has the scanner thing for those is in the regular line. #SonOfABitch
* Direct flights are my jam. 
* Colorado, you’re totally on my list of cool places I could live. 
Garden of the Gods

See the climbers? 
I’m jealous. 

Balancing Rock

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Don’t Forget To Play!

Remember when you were a kid?
When your day wasn’t hectic. 
You didn’t have to work,
 pick up kids, make dinner, 
do homework, answer emails,
do laundry, etc. 
When’s the last time you went outside and played?
Make sure you take time each day to play… even if only for 15/20 minutes. 
Let loose, act like a kid! 
Kids only get about 15-30 minutes a day for recess when they’re young, but they still burst out of the school doors, run, jump, and scream for a little bit, then go back inside and focus. Do you ever wonder why you’re dead right after lunch and don’t know how you’re going to get through those last few hours at work? It’s because you haven’t had a chance to get some energy out! You SIT for hours and read/type/write. Your body is craving movement! Your mind needs a break! So find something fun to do, even if you don’t have that much time. 
It’ll help. 
At the Summit last weekend, we had 45 minutes before we all had to get ready for our group dinner. We could have laid around and watched tv (if we’d had tvs) but instead, a huge group of us ran to the hill, grabbed tubes, and hurled ourselves downhill OVER AND OVER again until we had to go inside to get ready. 
So don’t forget to hit the reset button and have some fun now and then… 
*photo by Leighann Novotny
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TRX Summit 2012

So during our Summit weekends we start every morning out with a workout… 
The playing field: 
The action shot: 
We then stuff ourselves with tons of food for fuel. 
At the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch, 
that requires you to walk across the way to the mess hall, 
in 3 degree weather. 
It’s pretty, but it’s COLD. 
At night we found a random place in Winter Park for dinner, 
where we were thoroughly entertained by this guy, 
who actually knew the song, Amie, 
which is my namesake and sang it for me!
And the swag bag with free gear never hurts either… 
A new TRX Force Tactical! 
more to come… happy Wednesday! 
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TRX Instructor Summit!

It’s time again for our annual TRX Instructor’s Summit. 
You know all these weekends where I travel to other cities and teach other trainers how to use TRX? Well, there are several of us (Course Instructors) floating around the country and once a year, we all get together to learn, bond, and have a sweet-ass good time. This was the photo from last year’s Summit in San Fran and our flag football game. 
This year’s Summit is being held in Colorado 
so that’s where I am now! 
I’ll be back on Tuesday with some fun photos from the weekend! 
Happy Friday, guys! 
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From Warm to Cold

It’s been SOOOO nice here this week! Every day in the 60s or warmer has me thinking lovely thoughts of an early spring and has Tang thinking of park visits EVERY day of the week again. We’ve made it there the last three days in a row and are soaking it up. 
So, naturally, it’s time for me to head somewhere cold —> Granby, Colorado. 
Be back in a few days! 
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