Who Are You? I wanna know…

Anybody else feel like their blog has about 3 readers: you and your parents?
We have blog stats and such, but we never really know who’s out there reading our ish,
unless they leave a comment. But I read tons of blogs and don’t always leave a comment
 (mostly due to lack of time) or connect with the blogger.

A lot of bloggers have no idea that I’m reading and following their lives, but I am. 
Now that I’ve typed that it sounds way creepier than it’s intended to…

I was reading this post last week from Meg

and have been LOVING reading all the comments,
meeting new bloggers, 
and finding great new blogs to check out…
so naturally I’m going to steal borrow this idea, 
’cause I’m kinda pissed I didn’t think of it first. 
If you’re new to my blog, I’ll answer these questions as well. 
But tell me about yourself, please! I want to know who’s out there!
Call it blogger networking : )

Tell me the following about yourself, please:

1. Who are you? 
I’m Ami
photo by Missy Brown
2. Where do you live?
I’m currently in Louisville, KY
3. Where else have you lived? 
Pittsburgh, Richmond, San Diego
4. What do you do for work? 
I’m a TRX Master Instructor, all around the country
and I run a TRX Bootcamp and do personal training here in Louisville. 
5. How old are you? 
I’m 28. 3 months younger than Mark Zuckerburg… 
which makes me feel sort of like a slacker at times…
6. What are your main hobbies/interests? 
I’m a dancer and rock climber, but I’m game for anything outside. 
Kalymnos, Greece 

7. Countries you’ve been to (other than the one you live in). 
I’ve gone to the Bahamas, Greece twice, Thailand, and Canada. 
SO many more are on the list of places to go though… 
Krabi, Thailand
8. What’s your favorite book and song right now? 
I’m reading Inferno, by Dan Brown (the author of The Da Vinci Code)
and have been rockin’ out to Cruise, by Florida Georgia Line (country lover) 
Leave me a comment and tell me about yourself 
(and leave your blog link!). 
I’ll get to know who you are, find your blog, 
and you guys may meet some fellow bloggers similar to you! 
1. Name
2. Where you currently live. 
3. Where else have you lived?
4. What do you do for work?
5. How old are you?
6. What are your main hobbies/interests?
7. Which countries have you visited?
8. Favorite book/song right now.
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