A hard post…

the last time i saw him, we packed up my things
and he smiled like the first time he told me his name
and with cried with each other
we split the blame for the parts that we couldn’t change
pictures, dishes and socks
it’s our whole life down to one box
there he was waving goodbye on the front porch alone
but i was already gone
i won’t go into any details, but my marriage to Conrad is over. he moved back to CA a couple weeks ago and i’m in the process of moving myself and Tango in with a girlfriend… so things are a little hard at the moment. my relationship with him was a wonderful time in my life and i’ll forever be grateful to have spent that time with him. i love him. i will miss him and his family (more than they know). but we will both be ok.
trying to figure out whether to post about this was difficult. it’s nobody’s business but ours, but i figure I may be discussing moving, my future roommate, and life after divorce, so this might clear things up a bit… and perhaps offer guidance to anybody that might be going through the same thing. if any of you feel like you want to chat with somebody, i’m here.
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lyrics: Already Gone, by sugarland
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Summin’ It Up

So far this week I have:

* Said one thing while teaching cardio class while I did another (way too many times to count…)
*Washed and dried an entire load of laundry then realized I never put in detergent (fitness clothes so I can’t really let that slide. ew)
*Not returned several emails because I got them while driving and forgot to return them while I was at my computer at home.
*Let Tango outside and then completely forgot about him for an hour. In the rain. He hates the rain : (
*Had two cancelled flights and one delayed (that may still get cancelled, waiting for the email). Continental Airlines sucks.
*Gotten food poisoning. Brutal food poisoning. While traveling.
*Went the wrong way in NJ and accidently got on the bridge to Manhattan. The $8 toll, which I didn’t have (because I’d already paid out my cash to the 57 other toll booths) will now be billed and sent to my car rental place, which in turn will charge me $25 for. It’s happened before. Pumped.
Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. Now for the good stuff:
*Had a dinner date with hubs last Wednesday.
*Taught 2 amazing groups of instructors in my TRX certifications this weekend.
*Got to climb a couple routes on the climbing wall in the gym that hosted one of the TRX cert courses (before the brutal food poisoning).
*Saw my BFF in the Norfolk airport for 30 seconds (it’s better than nothing).
I can’t wait to spend the next 3 and half weeks on the ground, out of the sky, and at home with my family and friends.
And getting my head back on… Cheers, Ami.
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What’s Been Goin’ On

So things were a bit hectic last week. Here’s what’s been goin’ on:

My dad has retired, so his work threw him a little retiring party:

I walked all over creation the entire day Thursday to get everything set for Conrad’s Birthday. Flew to the store between clients, baked a cake in between clients, etc. Got C’s stuff all set up in the kitchen, left the house to teach a class and Conrad comes home to his “surprise” (literally five minutes after I left the house) to see that Tango had gotten to it first:
Whatev. Dinner at Rivue was amazing and we got some free dessert because of C’s bday. (Tiramisu is definitely more fancy than my Funfetti Cake. It was yummy, but nothing will ever be better than Funfetti cake. Just sayin’)

Then I went to New Orleans (N’awlins)…

To teach these peeps how to teach TRX classes:
Then went out to hear some good jazz at The Spotted Cat and this place across the street from it. I didn’t know what the name of it was… maybe d.b.a.? But why would you name a place d.b.a? Does business as? I don’t know, but the band was great! It felt like the New Orleans-y thing to do…

I even got home on Sunday afternoon. Enough time to go have dinner with C, get the house cleaned, and watch a movie together. Good times had by all!
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Hey Ya!

So here are 4 grown men, one of them, my hubs, playing Wii’s Just Dance 2. Their song of choice: Hey Ya, by Outkast. I took 3 separate videos of this to keep it short, but the last section was the best.

For your viewing pleasure:
Happy Sunday. Hope everybody’s enjoying their last bits of weekend!
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Snow day…

I received this photo from my husband last night on my way home from Cincinnati. (There was a blizzard during my TRX course so driving home was “fun”. And when I say “fun”, I mean “miserable”.) But this photo made it better. He wrote it in the snow while taking Tango out.

I also got sick this weekend so I’ve had to cancel all my clients today. This is “fun” too.
The actual fun in all this is that today is a snow day for all the school kids, AND my husband stayed home with me, made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed, and then watched Julie and Julia* with me. He’s the best. Makes being sick not so bad… and our morning date was fun. The real fun, not the fun in quotations.
This is also Conrad’s first snow day. (Poor thing has never had one since he grew up in SoCal.) He’s liking it so far…
*SUCH a good movie. I wish I’d read the book.
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I wanna climb…

The hubs and I used to rock climb all the time. Our first date was actually to a climbing gym. I jacked up my wrist last year and we haven’t climbed since… stupid wrist. And then I got really busy with with work. Then we moved across the country to my hometown. So basically, it’s all my fault we’re not climbing anymore. I wanna go back to the rocks…

This is us last year at Red Rocks, outside of Vegas.

He’s wearing a harness (I’d already taken mine off) that’s not how he wears his pants…
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Although I will miss the cup holders in our camping chairs that doubled as couches, I won’t miss the back pain you got after sitting in them for five minutes.

Finally, after 6 weeks in our new rental, we have living room furniture. We are well on our way to a real living room here, folks.
We SCORED the Sylvia couch from Macy’s last week. And when I say SCORED I mean we got it on sale. And then got %20 off the sale price. And then skipped out on shipping because we got the floor model and could just pick it up. So we decided to get the matching chair as well. That’s what I mean by SCORE.
That kind of happened the last time we bought a couch. I have good furniture juju. Just sayin’

And if you think the coffee table and end tables are sweet and you want your own… TOO BAD! ‘Cause my hubs made ’em himself! Suckas! Sorry. Now I’ve got hold of myself. But isn’t he awesome and talented?! If you want one of your own, he will make it for you! He makes custom furniture as a side hobby. Several of our friends now have ‘Conrad’ pieces in their homes! In the words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.” And that’s the last time I will EVER repeat words by Paris Hilton. Have a good day everybody.
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Conrad is once again employed! Yessss. My hubs got laid off in San Diego earlier this year. Bummer, but it helped make our decision to move to KY easier! (We’d been thinking about it prior…) He’s been busy making tables for our home (photos to come) and friends lately, but now he’s back to the daily grind, happily. Congrats, hubs!

Photo by 927 Photography. And yes, I will wear these photos from my engagement and wedding shoot OUT. Because they’re amazing. And because we never look like this when we take photos of ourselves. ; )
Happy Thursday everybody!
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my boys…

Have you met my boys yet? I don’t think you have.
This is my amazing husband, Conrad. And our dog, Tango. Or as we usually refer to him: The Tang.

They’re so handsome and adorable I almost can’t handle it at times…

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Bittersweet Change

So it is official: We are leaving. My husband, Conrad (pictured here) and I are leaving San Diego and making our way east. We have found jobs in Louisville, Kentucky and will be relocating in 3 weeks! A tough decision to make but one that we think will end up being the best for us in the long run. We’ll be getting closer to some family but farther away from other family. We’ll miss the beach and the great friends we’ve made but are looking forward to re-connecting with old friends and making new ones. My friends, Jason and Jenn Burton have a quote on their website from Helen Keller that sums it up perfectly. “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

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