Slack Line Dance Party

Ever been on a slack line? 
It’s pretty fun and helps you gain
balance, strength and control. 
I’ve sucked my friend, Crystal 
and my roomie, Tamara
into playing around with me. 
And after looking through some photos, 
was reminded of an old classic… 
Press play: 
Hip Hop Hooray [LP Version] by Naughty by Nature on Grooveshark





You get it… 
; ) 
I apologize for you having this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day…. kind of. 
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TRX: Kelly Combo!

Anybody that’s ever taken a fitness class from me knows that Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” is my favorite workout song. I choreographed this TRX core combo to it a while back and was finally able to film it. If you have your own TRX Suspension Trainer, try it out and let me know what you think.


Special thanks to my buddy, Fraser for doing the hard part:
cutting the video,

cueing music,
adding in movement cues,
and ish like that.
Goodness knows it would have taken me forever…
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Time to get RIPPED!

I’ve already have one, but I got 2 more in the mail today! Woo hoo!
Such a great, useful piece of equipment for your toolbox…
Wanna see it in action?
Want one for yourself?
Click it:
TRX RIP Trainer
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Tutorial: Side Lunge with Oblique Bend

In response to the few of you who voted in my Watchu Want post I’ve decided my next exercise tutorial will be a combined lower body/ core exercise. What’s the #1 Excuse people have for not working out? Not enough time. So since lower body and core exercies were tied in votes (last time I checked) and it’s good for your body to do multiple movement exercises, I present you with: The Side Lunge with Oblique bend. We’re multi-tasking, people. It’s a good thing. Trust.

Step #1. Step out to the right side, bending the right leg, but keeping the stationary (left) leg still and straight. Shift your hips back like you would for a basic squat. Keep your chest up. Smirky face optional.
Step #2. Step back up so that the feet are together and your arms press the dumbbell overhead.
Step #3. Shift your hips to the left and take your arms over to the right. This fires the obliques on the left side.
Repeat for about 1 minute and then switch to the other side. When your left leg is leading, the weight (or just your arms) will go to the left.
Tips to Remember:
*Keep the stationary leg still and the knee straight.
*Sit back in your hips so that your bending knee doesn’t shoot too far forward (past your toe)
*Keep your back flat so you don’t look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like that, it’s just not physically your best bet, and won’t do you any favors.
In the photo, I’m using an 8lb. dumbbell. This is optional. If you have lower back issues, start without a weight, or a low weight. If you’re super strong, you can up it however you feel necessary. Do a couple sets on each side and see you feel the next day to calculate if you need more or less weight.
So you remember all that, let me know what you think, and then I’ll remember not to take photos of myself after working out. Can you say “sweaty mess?” Geez. Holla!
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TRX Rip Trainer!

TRX Training has introduced the new TRX Rip Trainer! It’s very exciting in the world of fitness. Why? Because I said so. Ha! Kidding. (But really folks) I can attest to its effectiveness. While I was at the annual TRX Instructor’s Summit in San Fran last month, we all got a Rip Trainer workout and we were ALL feeling it for the next few days. A bunch of fitness professionals, feeling it. My core was so sore it hurt to laugh, cough, sit up. LOVED IT. Watch the vid. Check it out. (I’m in it. Kind of. In the background. But still still, technically, in it.)

The Rip Trainer is similar to the TRX in that it’s lightweight (4 lbs), easy to travel with, able to be set up anywhere (indoors, outdoors, etc), and it’s works your entire core while you’re targeting other muscle groups. It uses asymmetrical loading of the resistance cord to constantly challenge one’s balance and force maximum muscle recruitment. Can your chest press machine do that? Nope. So scope it out here. If you’ve got questions, let me know!

And a big CONGRATS to Kathy! She is the proud new recipient of 2 personal training sessions with me. Because she was the only one around who entered. Sorry CA peeps. : ) Kathy! Email me with your schedule so we can get you hooked up. Guess who gets to be one of the first to try the new Rip Trainer? That’s right.
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Plankety Planks

How do you know if you’ve got good core strength? If you can hold a plank for more than a minute. Hate planks? If you do, it’s probably because you suck at them, or they hurt your back. I know I’ve hated lots of things, but once I got better at them, I LOVED them. You should learn to love your planks, they’re good for you! Start holding a plank for 30 seconds and see how it feels.

“But I do 1,000 crunches every day.”
Yeah weeeeeeeell if you can do 1,000 crunches but can’t hold a plank for 45 seconds, chances are, you’re doing your crunches wrong because they aren’t helping your actual abdominal strength. Don’t feel bad, most people do crunches wrong. Don’t sweat it. Plank it. These can be done on your hands or your elbows (I do mine on my elbows since I have a wrist issue).

“But planks hurt my back.”
Again, if you’re in pain (especially in the lower back) you’re most likely a) doing them incorrectly or b) not strong enough for a full plank yet. Do a plank in front of a mirror and don’t let your lower back dip down below your hips!

“Well if I’m not strong enough how the HECK do I get started?!”
You start with a modified plank, with your knees on the ground. When those get easy, you move up to a regular plank.
If 30 seconds seemed like an eternity or you were shakin’ like a polaroid picture, stick with that time length. If 30 seconds was a piece of cake, bump your next one up to 45 seconds, 60 seconds, etc. Once this time starts to feel easy, you’re ready to bump up your time another 15 seconds. Do these once or twice a day. You’ll get better at them quickly!
* Keep your elbows under your shoulders.
*Keep your abs tight, so your back doesn’t dip down.
*Don’t stop breathing. Holding your breath doesn’t help.
* Do these once or twice a day. You’ll get better at them quickly!
*Added Bonus: Isometric exercises (ones in which your muscle is contracting but not shortening or lengthening) help to sculpt muscle. So get going with your planks before swimsuit season hits!
Plank Challenge: 2 minute plank. Get after it!
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So if you have trained with me at all (or just know me) you know that I love the TRX. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, watch this video. It sums everything up! And I have a cameo… well, me and Drew Brees. ; )

If you’d like a TRX of your own, please click on that yellow TRX banner on the left side of my page. It will take you to their site and they’ll know I sent you! (Forgive the video not fitting, figuring this stuff out…)

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