It’s a big news week: Post #1

So last week was busy. Sorry to leave you hanging. But lots of great stuff happened!

Exhibit A:
My BFF had her baby! 

And bonus points for going into labor on the one day 
that I was in town
and had no evening clients. 
This is why we work.

She would punch me in the face if I posted 
photos of her during contractions. 
(And I’m too good of a friend to do that to her. But trust me, she looked fab as usual.)
So you get behind the scenes photos instead.
The day: 
Playing cards in the waiting room with the other BFFs
(those are our bridesmaid’s necklaces from her wedding)
Bonna, Me, Crystal

Beyond excited!
Even though we kept getting kicked out of the room by the staff…
stupid rules.

Welcome to the world, 
Henry Charles.

You’ve got some serious people who have your back, you know? 

Such an amazing day.
Congrats Amanda and Josh!
We love you. 

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Get a Workout Buddy… It Helps

There’s a ton of research out there showing how much you benefit from having a workout buddy. So find somebody that you enjoy (important) and has a similar goal, then break out your day-planners to get a schedule in the works! 
Benefits of having a Workout Bud: 
#1: You’re more likely to stick with a set schedule!
      (consistency is the BEST way to see results quickly)

#2: You will push yourself more if there’s somebody else there that also needs pushing! 

       Motivation is key!

#3: If you both have similar goals, you’ll reach them faster than if you were alone!
      Stick together with your plan and you’ll be successful. 
      *Throwback to the years where you and your BFF each had a piece of the broken heart necklace.
      SAME thing! Kind of…     

#4: If you’re at a similar level, neither will feel discouraged!
      You can progress together, without feeling embarrassed. 

#5: It’s built-in social time with your buddy! 
      (Be careful, this one can backfire – > too much chatting, not enough working)
      (Talkin’ to you, Chris)

Workout Buddy: Crystal
We do hot yoga together and have Kinect Dance Parties

thank goodness for instagram and b&w photos that make you look decent post-hot yoga

Workout Buddy: Tango
We run together. He chases squirrels. I chase him. 
Good times had by all. 
This photo was post-run. On a Friday. When I have a beer. 

Workout Buddies: Kara and Chris
Fellow fitness industry peeps. 
We try to get together for park/gym workouts once a week.
It’s sporadic because of our travel schedules, but still awesome. 
photo stolen from facebook
EXCEPT when they go to Thailand for 2 weeks and leave me hangin’…
Thanks, guys. Thanks. 
Don’t worry. I’ve got other buds. I’m ok 
; )
Moral of the Story: Get a buddy and get after it! 
You’ll be so pumped you can both go run around in the meadow and bask in the glow of your success. Like this: 
Do you have a workout buddy?  
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Slack Line Dance Party

Ever been on a slack line? 
It’s pretty fun and helps you gain
balance, strength and control. 
I’ve sucked my friend, Crystal 
and my roomie, Tamara
into playing around with me. 
And after looking through some photos, 
was reminded of an old classic… 
Press play: 
Hip Hop Hooray [LP Version] by Naughty by Nature on Grooveshark





You get it… 
; ) 
I apologize for you having this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day…. kind of. 
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