Although I will miss the cup holders in our camping chairs that doubled as couches, I won’t miss the back pain you got after sitting in them for five minutes.

Finally, after 6 weeks in our new rental, we have living room furniture. We are well on our way to a real living room here, folks.
We SCORED the Sylvia couch from Macy’s last week. And when I say SCORED I mean we got it on sale. And then got %20 off the sale price. And then skipped out on shipping because we got the floor model and could just pick it up. So we decided to get the matching chair as well. That’s what I mean by SCORE.
That kind of happened the last time we bought a couch. I have good furniture juju. Just sayin’

And if you think the coffee table and end tables are sweet and you want your own… TOO BAD! ‘Cause my hubs made ’em himself! Suckas! Sorry. Now I’ve got hold of myself. But isn’t he awesome and talented?! If you want one of your own, he will make it for you! He makes custom furniture as a side hobby. Several of our friends now have ‘Conrad’ pieces in their homes! In the words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.” And that’s the last time I will EVER repeat words by Paris Hilton. Have a good day everybody.
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