Playlist! Beyonce & Justin

I’m not sure if there’s a chick out there, around my age, that doesn’t love Bey or J…(T). Their music is so fun to dance and work out to, they’re awesome entertainers, and I think we’d all give our right pinky finger to be able to hang out with them for even an hour. So I decided to dedicate an entire hour-long playlist to these two. I was lucky enough to get to attend both their concerts here in Louisville in December. In the same week! It’s safe to say they are both my jam. Here’s a playlist with just these two: [Read more…]
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Things That Are My Jam…

The following things are my JAM right now. 

1. This song.
 Y’all don’t even know how much this song is my jam right now. I danced through the entire Houston C terminal while this song was on repeat this morning. Robin Thicke… I have a new boyfriend.

2. This book. 
Loving it. Love that Robert Langdon can’t keep himself out of international trouble. It keeps me occupied and highly entertained. 

#3. This dog. 
Tango is so sweet. I’m pretty sure he tries to “tuck me in”. He always gets into bed with me and stays until I’m about to fall asleep. Then he stands up, looks back at me, then crawls into his kennel for the night. It’s the sweetest thing.

#4. This suitcase. 
I’ve only had this set for about 2 years, but it’s been on 60+ trips and starting to look worn; signs that it’s been a lot of places. Totally a good thing! 

#5. The weather! 
It’s feelin’ more like summer these days and it’s so nice to train my clients outdoors instead of inside. I like sunshine, and they love being outside after long days in the office. This is Tom, rockin’ out TRX Crossing Balance Lunges.

#6. Beignets 
I’ve been told all about Cafe Du Monde so decided to hit it up while I was in N’awlins this weekend. Wasn’t sure what a beignet was… now I’m in love. It’s basically a rectangle doughnut (but so much better) with about a pound of powered sugar on it. I also had red beans and rice for dinner, a Louisiana staple I’m told. Today’s menu: vegetables.

What’s your jam this week? 
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A Fun Thing To Do On A Wedding Reception Dancefloor

Whew! Back in the states now, but still on the way home. I’m sitting in O’Hare and uploading all my photos from the Lulu Summit and found these gems on my camera from Bonna’s wedding last month. I need to do a full post with the other photos, but here’s a little something to hold you over until then:

Bonna and Nate got married!
And while they were making the rounds saying hello to guests, 
we were breaking it down on the dancefloor. 
I went to take a photo of our crew, but the flash didn’t happen. 
So when I was “fixing” it, I apparently turned on the automatic timer…
and set it to take 10 photos once the timer went off. 
The photos we took were hilarious, so then, of course, we had to keep doing it. 

And the final one: 
You’re welcome. 
Happy Friday, guys! 
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Hallway Dance Party

*Allow me to set the scene*
It’s Wednesday night.
Tamara is packing for a trip
and I just got home from doing hill sprints w/ Crystal
(hence me being a mess). 
I had One Direction in my head, as usual lately.
Since I’d been singing it, Tamara got it in her head. 
There was only one thing left to do at this point:
Turn it on 
and crank it up… 
(as much as you can on your computer)
…and then put my phone on record to catch the action. 
And a big shout-out to my girl,
I know she’s with me on this one! 
; ) 
Impromptu dance parties are a regular occurence in this household. 
We like fun music. We like to dance. The dogs like to join. 
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Workout Playlist! Gettin’ After It, Bitches…

As always, my workout playlists are an hour long, 
with the last 10 minutes consisting of cool-down/stretch music… 
so you don’t forget to STRETCH! 
‘Cause that ish is important.
; ) 

Happy Workout! 

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Road Trip Dance Party 3

We made it to Wyoming today! 
The trip wasn’t bad at all… 
especially when you have the 69 Boyz 
serenading you through the journey. 
For your viewing pleasure, 
a flashback to 1994:  

Road Trip Tootsie Roll from Ami Scouton on Vimeo.

See? It’s a gift for the eyes AND the ears. 

You’re welcome. 
; ) 
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He’s Not Impressed…

Whenever music is playing, I’m usually dancing. 
I like to dance for Tango… 
you know, give him a little entertainment. 

He’s not impressed though. 

So now I do it just to see if he reacts or not… 

It’s usually not. 

Tonight, Tamara snapped these photos of me in action 
and his reactions (or lack thereof) are hilarious. 
Probably just to me…
He loves me anyway. 
I just know it. 
*And in case you were wondering what I was dancing to… it’s the Marry You song by Bruno Mars. The one from the wedding proposal video. The one that I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. 
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Road Trip Dance Party

Yay for road trips to Nashville, bachelorette party energy, and good friends like Sarah. 
And YAY for Florence and the Machine: 
The last 30 seconds of video is the best. 
But, please forgive our voices… 
We were squealing at the very end
 because we were getting honked at 
by truck drivers…. Yesssss.
But wait… there’s more! 
The next morning on our way to brunch: 
You’re welcome… 
Off to Miami! 
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These guys are my fave.
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Friday: Love On Top

Before you do anything, press play on this song:
Cue Dance Party
This song is my JAM right now. I love it. I wish there was music video and dance to watch like the Single Ladies video. I would learn it. And video myself doing it. And post it here. Maybe… This is now my ringtone. I dare you to listen to this and not dance. Can’t be done. This song is what my classes have been doing abs to all week. Aaaand probably will be using for the next couple weeks.
Do you guys have any must-haves right now on your playlists?
In case you didn’t see it.
B-town sang this song at the VMAs
and announced her pregnancy.
Uber cute.
I’ll probably do the same thing whenever I get preggo.
You probably want to listen to it again already… Am I right?
Happy Friday!
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