Leaves Are Fun

So Sarah (the owner of Inner Strength) and I always seem to find a way to get into something ridiculous when we get together. This day, we were just letting Tango and Dasher (his GF/BFF) play. This is what it turned into:

Just rakin’ some leaves…

“Patrick! Come take our picture!”

“wouldn’t it be fun to jump in?”

This is Dasher, having a good time:

And I think this is my new, all-time favorite photo of the Tang:

We have a good time with our dogs.
Lesson of the day: Make sure you remember to relax every now and then, act like a kid, and have some FUN! Taking yourself too seriously is bad for your health ; )
Side note: make sure your pile of leaves is bigger than ours. We both hit the ground HARD. Guess you need more leaves when you’re not 3 ft. tall or 50 lbs. anymore…
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