My Life So Far With Tango… In Numbers

5: The number of years I’ve had Tango, today!


Less than 1: Day left to live before he was thankfully rescued from the kill shelter in L.A.

6-7: Tango’s estimated age.


3-5: Minutes spent with him before I knew he was going to be my dog.

2: States he has lived in with me (California & Kentucky)


12: The number of chocolate donuts he ate when he broke into a care package in my car while I was inside getting lunch on the road trip from California to Kentucky. Thank goodness it was crappy, fake chocolate. I was freaked out for two states.

3: The maximum number of times he will chase a ball outside. The 4th throw I always ended up retrieving myself so now I don’t even try.


10: The average number of seconds for him to fall asleep when he jumps into bed with me at night.

10.5: The commands that he knows: Sit, stay, come, down, rollover, stop, shake, back up, leave it, high five, and heel… the half one (5 years in and he still wants to be in front on walks)


4: Feet in his vertical jump.

35: Estimated mph he can run.

Tang and Church

194: The days that I’ve been out of town this year and have missed him desperately.

3/4: The fraction of the bed he takes up. I have no idea how he does it…


2,000,000: The approximate number of his hairs in my car, under my bed, on my clothes. ALL THE TIME.


50: The approximate number of trees, bushes, or posts that he stops to pee on during a walk

4: The number of times he actually pees (he’s not the best at rationing)

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The times I’m completely grateful that he’s mine, and I’m his, and we have each other. I’ve never experienced so much unconditional love. Ready for a run at a moment’s notice. Ready for a nap almost as soon as you lie down. Hardly ever leaving my side since I got him. I love you, Tango! Happy Anniversary!

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As you may know, we have 5 animals in our house.
My dog, 3 cats, and Churchill.
Churchill is Tamara’s dog and he’s… special. ; )
If nothing else, we stay plenty entertained.
Churchill gets this burst of energy every night around 9:30pm.
I filmed this (do you “film” with your iPhone?)
after he’d already been at it for a few minutes:
And this is what he and Cash like to do
on a regular basis:
(I promise Cash isn’t being hurt.
He loves this and could run off, if he wanted to, at any time)
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Churchill is currently in puppy obedience school…
which, turns out, is VERY entertaining.
Tuck is my new favorite puppy from class:
I’m off to Chicago and then Duluth.
Let’s pray I don’t freeze to death…
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Animal House

I’m off to Chicago this weekend (cheers!) so I’m going to leave you with adorable animal faces to ogle at while I’m gone… I adopted Tango a couple years ago and just moved in with my friend, Tamara. She has a dog as well. And 3 cats. It’s a good time here.

With that said, I present you with “Animals of the Heezy”
and you all know Tango : )
Have a great weekend! See you Monday!
There’s a Tango and Cash joke here somewhere… just don’t know where.
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Living with dogs…

Tango loves when I stretch. I’m down on his level and he always wants to be right in my grill. Now we live with another dog, Churchill (9 months old) and he’s pretty pumped about me stretching as well.
Note his face IN MY STOMACH.
Never a dull moment in this household…
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Book Buzz! Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing In The Rain. I read this book yesterday. That’s right. Yesterday. Started it in the morning, finished it by the end of the night. That’s how good it is!

I’ve heard about this book from a few people; my sis-in-law, Bridget, (at least I think it was Bridget) etc. Everybody said how good it was, especially if you’re a dog person. And especially especially if you have a dog.
This story is told from Enzo’s (the dog’s) point of view on the eve of his death. Yes, it’s emotional, but well worth the read. He tells the story of his life living with his owner, a racecar driver, and family. This book is so well written and confirms my theory that my dog REALLY understands what I’m saying to him and all the events going on around him. Yes, he’s still an animal, but he understands human actions and emotions. Maybe you don’t agree, but maybe you do. : )
I even let Tango sleep in bed with me last night because I felt even more connected to him that I did before… Until he eventually got over not having any room and left for his spacious and warm kennel. Fine Tango, fine.
But if you’re looking for something wonderful and a fast read, pick it up! Amazon has it for $1.88! And even better, your Public Library has it for free! Which is better. Unless you’re like me and can’t possibly find a way to return it on time, in which case your $5 late fee might be more… Happy reading!
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