Running Fail (warning: blood)

Me and my client, Nikki 
were doing some cardio intervals today. 
It’s gorgeous out so we ran 1/4 mile intervals 
through the ‘hood between sets…
and then I tripped.
 And fell.
The really awkward kind of fall, 
where your limbs flail about uncontrollably, 
and there’s NOTHING you can do to 
The results: 
Not too bad on the left knee
The left shoulder,
thank goodness for neosporin. 
The left elbow
Right thumb… 
I have no idea. 

And the piéce de résistance:
My right palm. 
And if you’ll notice something interesting;
The white circle inside the wound 
is a scar from falling 
5 years ago. 

Now it’s going to be a bigger scar. 
Always aim higher, right? 
And this is Nikki, 
being awesome and helping me bandage myself. 

(don’t judge me by these shorts… it’s a weird angle. swear.)
I’m impressive. 
Happy Friday! 
Watch out for raised bits in the sidewalk. 
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Mellow (not really) weekend.

So I have trouble doing nothing. I love to lay around, don’t get me wrong, but when I don’t have plans, I tend to get plans very quickly.

For example, the hubs was out of town this weekend. I think to myself, “Yes! I’ve got ALL weekend to lay around and do NOTHING!”
So Friday, after work, I have lunch with my mom and take the Tang over to play with Dasher.
Saturday I take a trip down to my Dad’s farm with a couple of friends. Then drive to Lexington to see girlfriends from college and their babies.
Sunday I clean the entire house, pick up my new couch and chair (photos to come, eek!), rearrange my living room, make a pie, and cook dinner.
There went my nice, relaxing weekend of nothing. Oh well. I got cute photos out of it. Thanks, again, to Mr. Delatorre!
Me and Tango on the creek at my dad’s farm.
Amador and Stacey – not paying attention.
The Tang loves his car rides…
Photos to come of my new living room. Finally. Hope you had a great weekend!
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Can you say Burrrrr?

“Hello Fall, how ya been? It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been around the colder temps that you bring about. Kinda forgot about ’em a bit…”

So we started back up another round of Bootcamp this week. Outdoor Bootcamp. In the out-of-doors. Totally fine during the summer months, you don’t really think about it… Then all of the sudden, you take a week’s break, you come back, and it’s 42 DEGREES outside. DUMB.

Not really. I know it’s only going to get colder, and I know it’s not even that bad outside. I’ve just been living in San Diego for 4 years and it doesn’t really get below 60 degress. Ever. So I’ve gotta get back in the groove of things. No biggie, I just have to suck it up.
Until then, I’m thinking about buying this Lululemon Remix Hoodie. Because it’s thicker than my Lulu Define Jacket (although I do love the mittens, the Define jacket makes!). And will keep me warm. At least through the warm-up, and the Kettlebell Swings, and the TRX Balance Lunges. Thanks Lu!
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