Best Women’s Winter Boots. Ever.

I’m not in the snow often, but every time I’ve gone skiing, I’ve usually just taken along my rain boots to keep my feet dry in the snow between the car and cabin. After a a few ski trips I realized this was a stupid idea. My rain boots were ok for waterproofing, but cold as ice. They were also way wider than my leg, so if I was in deep snow the sides basically acted as a shovel, scooping snow into them with every step. So I set out for the perfect pair of winter boots! And never found them.

Everything I saw was either waterproof, warm, and ugly. 
Or cute, and waterproof, but not warm. 
Or everything that I wanted, but $500. 

Enter a winter sale at our local outdoor store, Quest
These Patagonia Lugano Boots 
were normally about $250 but I scored them for $90!!

 I originally wanted black, but they had exactly 3 pair of these in “Espresso”… and one of them was my size! It was fate! So I snatched them up faster than you could say “clearance,” and carried them far away from everyone to try them on. They were perfect. And cozy. And warm. Since purchasing these bad boys, I’ve taken them in the snow all over the country (and Canada).
They even made the weekend instagram recap collage… #whenyouknowitsright
 Even if they weren’t on sale, they would be worth every penny. My feet have never been cold or wet wearing them. They’ve been on ski trips, in snowball fights, sledding, and even just cruising through my ‘hood with Tango. The recycled rubber sole also helps prevent slipping on the ice. I should know since our sidewalks were one big ice sheet this weekend:

 They’re also cute enough to wear even if you don’t need the technical extras. 
I wore them to dinner and a concert with some leggings Saturday night! 

Top: Forever 21. Pants: Lululemon Wunder Unders. 

Added bonus: The compliments!! I get asked all the time where I got them. 
Which makes the purchase completely vindicated. 

Now I just need to find a pair of boot socks to go with them.
Any suggestions?

*Photography: Tamara.
 Models: Tango and Churchill
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