Sara In Le Petit Village: Travel Guest Post!

Coucou Fit With Flashers! My name is Sara Louise. You might already know me from the guest post I blogged here last year, or maybe you know me from my little space in the blogosphere, Sara in Le Petit Village. But in case you don’t know me, hi and it’s very nice to meet you.

While Ami is cavorting in Mykonos (so hard not to hate on her right now) I’m filling in with some bits about sightseeing around my neck of the woods, Provence, France.

The first time I came to Provence it was three years ago and I was visiting my husband who at the time was my boyfriend and I was trying to decide if I should make the leap and follow him over here. Well it didn’t take much to convince me.

One of the first things I discovered while I was here in Provence was this teeny tiny bottle of Heineken.

{no, I am not a giant}
Will you look at that thing for heavens sake? It fits in the palm of my hand! How can you not love a place that sells baby sized beers?
Besides becoming completely obsessed with baby sized beer bottles, I became pretty obsessed with the Provence countryside too; you could just be driving along and suddenly… BAM!
The most perfect lavender field you could ever see. 
Because I’m a city girl at heart and while lavender fields are all well and good for a spell, I was itching to see more, so we drove to Avignon where I became awestruck. You see, when you’re in Avignon, you’re just walking along the small and ancient cobbled streets that weave through the city, and then you turn a corner, and suddenly, this looms over you…
Le Palais des Papes (Pope’s Palace) in all of her majestic glory (anything that pretty is definitely a girl). Standing in front of this felt like a fairytale. 
And then as if Provence didn’t already have me in it’s gorgeous grasp, on one of the last days of my vacation, my husband and I were driving back from a trip to Aix-en-Provence when we came upon this place…
{La Tour-d’Aigues}
I was so overwhelmed that I made my husband pull over so I could take a look and was completely surprised to discover that in all the times he had driven by before, he had never stopped there, and in fact, didn’t even know what it was (in case you are interested, it’s the ruins of a Renaissance Castle in La Tour d’Aigues). Because for him, driving by beautiful ruins of châteaus long past was a daily occurrence, totally normal in his French life. And now luckily for me, it’s totally normal in my French life too.  
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