Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley S.

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Dear San Diego, I was only going to hang for a few days, but now I’m thinking a few more days are in order. #imeeeean


Dear TRX Family, y’all are my jam. Enough said.


Dear United Airlines, I’m super grateful for my first class upgrade, but I was bummed when we had to switch planes because of mechanical issues. My bummed-ness was forgotten though as soon as the club guy got me on another flight WITH the same upgrade. High five, guys. Day made.

Dear Missouri, I wasn’t planning on being back so soon, but I’ll be teaching two brand new TRX courses this weekend and I couldn’t be more proud of the company I represent and the content they produce. Get ready!

Dear Kentucky, I know it’s preposterous to be gone during Derby, but it could not be avoided this year. Know you’re in my mind and heart forever.

Dear Denver, your thunderstorm forecast is KILLING my plans for next week. I’ll still be headed your way, but might pit stop in some sunnier places first… #campingbuzzkill

Dear Santa Barbara, Joshua Tree, Red Rocks – Vegas, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Parks, who wants me and Tango to visit them first? You’re the contenders for Place We Go Next.


Happy Oaks and Derby to everybody in Kentucky!! Happy Friday to everybody else!

I’m off to Missouri. See you soon!

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This week’s letters…

Dear The North Face,

Thanks for sending Alex Honnold and Chris Weidner to Louisville this past weekend. Sufferfest 2 was awesome. Not that I’ll ever be climbing 5.13 desert towers or anything, but it inspired me to up my climbing game. It was also pretty fun to get to hang with these guys.

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Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley S.


Dear TRX Bootcampers, I’m so stoked about finishing another session. Y’all are beasts!

Dear Susan and Justine, I’m glad there was so much team work involved in getting that bottle opened at the Wine Down last night. ; )

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Friday’s Letters

“Friday’s Letters” theme by Ashley

Dear Jet Lag, I’m glad you haven’t been that bad this go-around. You’re making me go to be at 8pm and wake up rested at 6am… getting tons of ish done. #productivity

Dear Grass In Our Yard, slow your roll! Your growth process is outta control. Slowing just a little would be great. I really don’t enjoy mowing you e’ery week. KThanksBye.

Dear John Berardi, thanks for your Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook. It’s my new jam and slowly getting me back to cooking on a regular basis. High Five.

Dear Italy, I miss you already. Your large meals, your language, your wine, your people, your desserts were all my jam for the past week and I’d kinda like to see you again already…

Dear To-Do List, you suck today. But get ready to get your ass handed to you. Because I have the whole day to conquer you and I’m feelin’ good (see first letter above). Look out.

Dear Ballet, I miss you. We’re getting reacquainted at 10am this morning and it’s probably going to be really difficult. I’m looking forward to the foot cramps though… let’s do this!

Happy Friday! 
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Friday’s Letters… on Sunday.

Dear Blog Readers, I’m not dead… just had a non-blogging week. I’m back!

Dear Personal Training Clients, I’m glad most of you coordinated your vacay schedules with each other to all be out of town during the SAME week! I had a wonderfully mellow week just teaching a couple classes a day. I did miss you dearly, but was really pumped to lay out at the pool in the middle of the day Thursday with some buds. High five!

Dear Gigantor Turtle Float, you make pool days WAY more fun.

Dear Garage Bar, you are the BEST hangout spot in Louisville during the summer months. Seriously.

Dear Summer, I’m glad you made it around and that you’re here to stay for a while. It was awesome to be out on the river on the boat yesterday.

Dear T-beg, I’m stoked for you that you’re getting to cruise out of town for the whole summer to get your MFA on. Me, Tang, Churchill, Emmy, Cash, and Willie will hold down the fort here. And don’t worry, I’ll clean. : )

Dear Bonna, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! Woot! And this photo from college will always be the best photo of the 3 of us… #BFFs

Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day from all of us!

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Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley and another Ashley

Dear Bootcampers, yay for making it through the first week of this new camp. Especially you newbies… you came back even though you were so sore you thought you’d never sit without pain again. High five!

Dear Tango’s Fur… it would be AWESOME if you would either stay on Tango, or just fall off when he’s outside. The white fur all over black interior of my car is NOT my jam. That ish does not vacuum out for anything.

Dear $3 Car Wash on Dixie Hwy, thank you for having complimentary vacuums and for having a completely inattentive staff that doesn’t monitor the 10-minute limit rule. Tango fur takes at least an hour…

Dear Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and TI. Thank you for the best jam ever. I’m STILL rockin’ you on repeat.  #blurredlines

Dear Salt at the O’hare Breakfast Place, I have no earthly idea how you got into my eye, but you stung like the dickens for a good 5 minutes. I’m super excited to look like I’m crying while eating breakfast at the airport. Not.

Dear 4am. You can eat a d***. Nobody should ever have to wake up during your hour. Unless it’s for something really good.

Dear United Airlines, thank you for opening up some flights last minute so I could use my miles and see my man-friend this weekend… even if I had to wake up at 4am today…

Happy Friday, e’erybody! 
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Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters theme borrowed from Ashley K
who borrowed from Ashley S
Dear TRX, Thanks for bringing me to your team all those years ago and letting me share education to help e’erbody move BETTER. You rock my world… and being a Presenter KICKS ASS. 
Dear Reebok and Empower Fusion, thanks for hookin’ us up with these sweet new kicks! My feet are stoked. ; )  #beingapresenterkicksass
Dear Presenter VIP Room, I’m thankful you’re stocked with lots of healthy snacks… and Snickers bars. 
Dear Intercontinental Hotel, thank you for your giant mirror in the elevator that I can’t stop using. And your waterfall shower head. And for the cute bird decor in my room. You are my latest hotel jam. 
Dear Shana Martin, thanks for having my same sense of humor (mostly dirty joke humor). #TRXpartnerincrime

Dear Shana and Peter, good job on those Tabata intervals. I’m glad I just sat there and watched instead.

Dear Red Rock Canyon in Vegas, get ready. I’m about to climb all over you for the next few days. 
Dear Sun, I’m looking forward to seeing you again. It’s been a while. 
Dear Skin, I’m sorry. You’re probably going to get slightly burned this weekend, even though I’ll use sunscreen. I don’t care. You’re getting more color one way or another. And spray tans just aren’t my jam. #trieditthreetimesandalwayslookedbad
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