Being a Mountain Biking Newbie… Again.

“I look and feel so attractive in bike shorts.” – no girl ever. 

Despite having to wear bike shorts, I’ve really gotten into mountain biking lately… again. A couple summers ago I was learning to ride. It was as scary as it was fun, but fun nonetheless. I’ve been wanting to get my own bike since then, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it since mountain bikes cost about a billion dollars. Flash forward to this year and I’ve finally bought my own… and have been feverishly trying to find buddies to ride with. And I have to admit… it’s been a fun to once again call all my buddies that might be home and shout, “Wanna go ride bikes?!” : ) 
My friends, Stacey and Abby have mountain bikes
and we’re all about the same level, which is nice. 
Had a fun “girls’ ride” the other day. 
Helmets, gloves, padded shorts, Camelbaks…

But only a little bit. Amador, Stacey’s husband, saves the day 
as he helps put air in all our tires! 

Yay for having tools and knowing how to use them! 
(My man-friend, an avid cyclist, was shaking his head when I told him about this. I’ve been instructed
 to buy a bike kit and am getting a crash course in bike maintenance on my next trip to see him)

I’ve found other friends that have mountain bikes as well! 
This is me and Trish… waiting for her son and hubs to re-do a section 
of the trail so they could “do the jumps”. 
We opted for selfies instead: 
I’ve also found that a more cooshy seat, like this one, 
will help keep my lady parts from being smashed… 
…always a good thing. 
I’ve also learned that as I’ve gotten a little more practice, 
I’ve gotten a little braver. And faster. 
And now falling has become a regular thing.
My roommate just had to get photos of me the other day after I came in from a ride
and a few falls. There’s a lot of dirt on me… 

She was thoroughly entertained. 
As were the dogs. 

Any other lady mountain bikers out there? 
Thoughts? Tips? 
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Things That Are My Jam Today

All that lead up with big news and then I leave you hangin’ for a week. 
My bad. Anyway… 
Things That Are My Jam Today: 
1. Unbroken
Recommended by Bridget,  this was the best book I’ve read since The Help. It’s written by Laura Hillenbrand, who also wrote Seabiscuit and it’s AH-mazing. A true story about a man who went from an Olympic ahtlete to a drafted military bombardier whose plane crashes in enemy territory during WWII. This book is one of those that, even if you have a spare two minutes before you walk out the door, you pull out of your bag to squeeze a few more pages in. This is a great read for the fellas too (you know: war, crashes, bombs, etc)! Thanks for the rec, Bridge! 
2. My nephew, Jaxson in his “Ninja Lloyd” Halloween costume. 
The moment I said, “let me get your picture” he struck this pose without missing a beat. 
That’s being in character.
3. My new kicks
It’s really hard for me to find a pair of running shoes that I like. I want minimalist shoes, but I also need a little padding for days when I’m on my feet for hours. These K Swiss ones feel good. And they get bonus points for matching my TRX ish. They lose a few of those points though because of the two foot long shoe strings… I meeeeeeean 
4. Getting a girl’s day with Jenn and Christy last week! 
We just hung out, shot the ish, and made cinnamon rolls. Yay for a few hours with the girls. 
5. Tango
He’s SO cute. This was him keeping watch and waiting for Trick-or-Treaters last week. 
6. My special man-friend
Yep. I’m dating somebody. He doesn’t live near me. BUT I’m heading his way to visit for a few days. Right now. 
Photos and deets to come later (gotta keep you guys interested somehow). 
Have a great week, everybody! 
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B Party! And a little TMI…

If you’re a male family member of mine, go ahead and exit this page. 
Trust me. 
So I’ve got a Bachelorette Party this weekend 
in another city… 
can’t say which one yet
 as the Bride-To-Be is still unaware. 
But it’s a guaranteed good time. 
Can’t wait for a girl’s weekend!

I hope there are embarrassing games/moments for her, as there should be for any Bachelorette, but I hope there’s not a lot of penis paraphernalia… that’s not exactly my jam.

Which way do you go on B Party gifts? 
Massage Oil?
Gift card to Victoria’s Secret?

I’m that friend that gives all the embarrassing/you-know-you-secretly-want-them SEX TOYS. Because I know that my friends secretly want awesome sex toys/games/massage lotions, but they’d never be caught dead shopping for them, or saying that they want them. (I’m sure the grooms of my friends appreciate it though.) ; ) And I’m such a good friend* that I’ll take one for the team, go to the local novelty store, risk running into someone I know, and buy a ton of fun stuff. So that’s what I did Wednesday night. Luckily I made it out without seeing anybody I knew. Whew! All of that… so my friend can have an awesome honeymoon (if they can wait that long to use the goods). Yep, I’m a good friend.

*Brushin’ my shoulders off*

What’s your best B Party night?

*and maybe it doesn’t hurt me to go since I’m as single as they come these days… TMI? Maybe. Maybe not. You single ladies get me. ; )

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Shit Girls Say – There’s an EPISODE 2!!!

I saw this video on Monday from Krissy over at Miss B and Hustle. It has since become my favorite video in the entire world. I’ve shared it on twitter, facebook and watched it myself probably 50 times since then. “I’m not even joking right now.” If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor:

and now there’s an EPIDODE 2!
These 2 videos have made my week.
How many of these are you guilty of? I’d say about %60 for myself…
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Remember Christy? That baby in her preggo belly is actually baby #2. This is Mya, baby #1. She’s so fun and is going to be an awesome dancer in the future. This video is from a year ago, us trying to get her to talk a lot, her sleepy and obviously preoccupied… it’s fantastic.
Sometimes she even calls me Flashlight… I don’t have a video of that though.
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My BFF is in town

until SUNDAY! Woo hoo!

We’ll probably only get to hang out once or twice this week, but I’ll take it. : ) I’ll be glad when we live in the same vicinity again…

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Happy Birthday, Jenn!

Dear Jenn,
Happy Birthday! I wish we could go ride roller coasters again…
Our story: We met dancing in college…
then hung out a lot at the town coffee shop…
then went climbing a lot…
and paintballing…
and snowboarding…
and a ton of other stuff along the way.
We have a lot in common and have had sooo many fun times and great trips! We are actually living in the same state for once and have been able to hang a lot in the last few months, which I’m extremely grateful for! At the end of this month she’ll move away for the summer to go back to seasonal work in Wyoming (punky brewster). But it’s ALL GOOD ’cause I’m gonna go visit this time! Yessss. So enjoy your Birthday, Jenn! You have a fun few months ahead and I’m glad you’ll get a break from all the craziness lately. Winners! (high five)
Love you,
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Moving Day 2011

It’s always a blast when the whole fam damnly gets together. Remember Baking Party 2010?

My mom just moved into a new house last weekend so we all (the aunts/cousins/children) had to be there in order to help take care of the crap work that comes with moving into a new house; hanging drapes, installing new towel racks, decorating, etc. My two aunts and I decided to get mom a new entertainment center so we ventured to the store to let her pick one out. Then we put it together. Six of us, 5 hours. Not even kidding.

22 Pages of Directions. I’m not even kidding.
#1, 2, and 3: Goodness Gracious. #4 Ice Cream Man’s in the ‘hood and we need a break. #5 This sucks, but we got it.
Tang’s there for moral support. Really, he’s just bored because we’re not playing with him.
Allison’s been watching a lot of DIY and HGTV lately. So she’s just the “designer” which really means “I’m just here to supervise.”
4 hours in and we realize a little something…
Thank goodness Allison brought her bf, Jacob. We’ll MacGyver this ish if we have to.
We find a random piece under the coffee table. “Where the H does this go?!”
5 hours later. Done. and Done.
Ask us if we care that you can’t actually see the finished product. Go ahead, ask us.
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Me, Jenn, Christy

Remember these chicks? Well they came to the Ville on Saturday for a girls’ day. We ate a lot of food. Good times.
First on the list? Breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. This cooky little place is a staple in Louisville. Fun decor, REALLY amazing food, funky gift shop.
And the stick-your-head-in-the-wooden-cutout-thingys are always fun too…
Look whose belly is adorable… We’re using her as our excuse for eating a ton today.
Onto the Homemade Pie and Ice Cream Kitchen. Yes, it’s as wonderful as it sounds. No, you can’t eat like this all the time. All in moderation.
We did a bunch of other stuff, but didn’t take photos. So we took a group shot at the end of the day. And they were bitches. Just like last time. Ladies, no more couch photos. That’s it. You’re cut off.
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The 3 Musketeers

Me, Amanda (the red-head), and Bonna (whose actual name is Briana, but I changed it years ago). My BFFs from way back… Without these two girls, I have no idea where I would be. I miss them both terribly and need a girls’ weekend. Soon.

Charlie’s Angels – Halloween 2005 (told you I was blonde)

Kentucky Derby Party – 2006

Another KY Derby party – 2007

When they came to visit me in San Diego – 2009

Amanda’s wedding – 2009
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