Spartan Race Discount Code & Race Giveaway!

I’m really excited to team up with Reebok Spartan Race again!


What’s new in the Spartan world?

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Reebok Spartan Race: Discounts and Giveaway!

2014_Generic_Promo-Card2_SRM Photos via Spartan Race Media

I’ve got the best deal today!

I’ve been given 1 Free Race Registration to give away and a discount code that everybody can use! Both are good for any Reebok Spartan Race in the continental U.S.

I love the idea of obstacle races and have participated in them myself. I’m not super into running a race just to run, but if I’m running toward something fun, count me in. If you’re going to run a set number of miles, why do it on a boring road? Do it while jumping over fire! Jump over things, climb up things, crawl through things! This sounds way more exciting to me. Plus, you get the added benefits balance, agility, coordination and strength benefits of using your entire body, not just your legs and cardiovascular system (<— the trainer in me can’t help it).

Reebok Spartan Race has 3 different types of races to choose from:


Sprint: 3+ Miles & 15+ Obstacles

Super: 8+ Miles & 20+ Obstacles

BEAST: 12+ Miles & 25+ Obstacles

Races are happening all over the country! Check it.

You have the opportunity to race one or all of them on October 4th in Ohio.


If you’d like to go ahead and sign up for any of the races, head over to to register. You can use the code SPARTANBLOGGER to receive %10 off your entry fee! This code is good for any race in the continental U.S.

~ GIVEAWAY WINNER CHOSEN!!! Congrats, Kate! ~


Giveaway ends at 11:59 Sunday, July 27.

Winner will be announced Monday, July 28!

Good luck! AROO!

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Giveaway! 60 Minute Massage

My friend, Shelby has opened her new studio
and I’m lucky enough to be holding a gift card for a 60 Minute Massage.
And because I’m so nice, I’m giving it away to one of you lucky peeps!
Also because she gave me two of these and I’m keeping one for myself. Bitches.  [Read more…]
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Giveaway Today! 2 Personal Training Sessions

Sometimes you just need a little boost to help you get going…
so I’m giving away 2 Free Personal Training Sessions today! 
Complete the following 2 steps to enter: 
1) Like my Fitness Facebook Page
2) Leave a comment on this blog 
telling me why you’d like to receive the sessions. 
Winner will be chosen at 10 PM tonight! 
Please remember to include your name/email so I can contact you should you win!
Your entry is complete only when you’ve completed both steps above.
Personal training sessions have to be scheduled within 90 days. 
You may email your comment:
*Your comment will post once it’s been approved by me, so don’t worry if you can’t see it right away!
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TRX Bootcamp Giveaway

It’s the start of a brand new year and I’ll bet that there a few peeps out there that have resos to get in better shape. I want to offer one free spot in my January evening TRX Bootcamp to one lucky Louisvillian (or surrounding area local). That’s 8 classes. For FREE!! 

January 6 – 30
Mondays & Wednesdays
 Full class details here

Here’s what you have to do:
1) Like my Fitness Facebook page. 
2) Leave your name and email in a comment below.  
You can also email me your entry:

Winner will be drawn announced on Friday evening, January 3rd
at 6pm (mountain time). 
You have one day so you better get your entry in quickly! 

*I ned your email so I have a way to notify you! 

Don’t worry, you won’t be put on an email list.
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Freakin’ Weekend…

Is this anybody else this weekend?

I need to catch up on Grey’s, watch a couple eps of Entourage from last season, go to yoga… oh, and prep for the week ahead. New bootcamps starting, new clients, assessments on all the standing clients, South Carolina travel prep, etc. It’s gonna be a pretty big Sunday. Might go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Not sure if I’ll have enough time…
Also, the winner of my Personal Training Giveaway is:
Joann Mattingly!
Thanks to Crystal V. for entering you! : )
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Giveaway! Personal Training

I’m where I am today because at various times throughout my life, people have given to me, asking nothing in return. Every so often I like to give away 2 Free Personal Training sessions.
Because that’s what I can offer.
And it’s time again!

Maybe you want a personal trainer but can’t afford one.
Maybe you already workout but you just want some new exercises to add to your routine.
Maybe you have a friend whose b-day is coming up and you’ve haven’t gotten a gift yet.
Maybe you want to start working out and you just need a kick start.
Either way…

How do you enter?
Well I’m glad you asked! : )
1) Live in or around Louisville, KY… or be willing to travel here.
2) Leave a comment below with your email addy.
3) Shoot me an email with your name.
((Don’t worry. I don’t even have an email list so you won’t go on it.)
4) Tweet about it.
5) Facebook about it.
Winner will be drawn Friday, September 23rd.
Then it’ll be Friday,
and you will have won something,
and you’ll be really pumped…
‘Cause winning is awesome.
Good luck!
photo 1, 2
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Personal Training Giveaway!

The winner of this Giveaway will receive 2 FREE, one hour Personal Training Sessions with yours truly! Here are the only 2 rules required to enter. You have to live in the Louisville area (or be willing to drive/fly to Louisville, since this is where I am) and you have to be able to complete both session within one month of winning (by April 17). Easy to win? Yes. Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment below.
Yes, that’s all you have to do… What? You want to increase your chances of winning this AMAZING, ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME (not really, I do these every 2 months…) OPPORTUNITY? We-hell, here’s what you can do to earn extra entries:
* Become a follower of this blog
*Post this link on your Facebook page then add another comment to tell me.
*Retweet it on Twitter.
*Write me an email telling me why you’d like to win. You don’t have to write a book, just a couple sentences.
The winner will be drawn a week from today: St. Patty’s Day! Woohoo! There will be cause for all kinds of celebrating that day! Remember: you can enter for somebody else too! Good luck!
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Giveaway Winner!

Woo Hoo! Congrats, A-Town!

The winner of this month’s Giveaway of 2 Personal Training sessions is Alicia S! I call her A-Town, hence the crazy logo up there. I thought it was funny. She probably will too. Everybody will probably think it’s weird. Oh well… : )

Congrats Alicia!
Everybody else, don’t worry. There will be another one in a month! So keep checking back! Happy New Year!
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So Long, 2010!

We’ve had a fabulous year with lots of changes. We spent half the year in San Diego, half in Louisville. It’s been FANTASTIC! No countdowns here, just counting blessings. Thanks so much to everybody we’ve spent this year with. We love you!

Enjoy the last day of the year, everybody!

~Ami, Conrad, and Tango
It’s the last day to enter my Free Personal Training Giveaway! Drawing the winner tomorrow!
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