Sara In Le Petit Village: Travel Guest Post!

Coucou Fit With Flashers! My name is Sara Louise. You might already know me from the guest post I blogged here last year, or maybe you know me from my little space in the blogosphere, Sara in Le Petit Village. But in case you don’t know me, hi and it’s very nice to meet you.

While Ami is cavorting in Mykonos (so hard not to hate on her right now) I’m filling in with some bits about sightseeing around my neck of the woods, Provence, France.

The first time I came to Provence it was three years ago and I was visiting my husband who at the time was my boyfriend and I was trying to decide if I should make the leap and follow him over here. Well it didn’t take much to convince me.

One of the first things I discovered while I was here in Provence was this teeny tiny bottle of Heineken.

{no, I am not a giant}
Will you look at that thing for heavens sake? It fits in the palm of my hand! How can you not love a place that sells baby sized beers?
Besides becoming completely obsessed with baby sized beer bottles, I became pretty obsessed with the Provence countryside too; you could just be driving along and suddenly… BAM!
The most perfect lavender field you could ever see. 
Because I’m a city girl at heart and while lavender fields are all well and good for a spell, I was itching to see more, so we drove to Avignon where I became awestruck. You see, when you’re in Avignon, you’re just walking along the small and ancient cobbled streets that weave through the city, and then you turn a corner, and suddenly, this looms over you…
Le Palais des Papes (Pope’s Palace) in all of her majestic glory (anything that pretty is definitely a girl). Standing in front of this felt like a fairytale. 
And then as if Provence didn’t already have me in it’s gorgeous grasp, on one of the last days of my vacation, my husband and I were driving back from a trip to Aix-en-Provence when we came upon this place…
{La Tour-d’Aigues}
I was so overwhelmed that I made my husband pull over so I could take a look and was completely surprised to discover that in all the times he had driven by before, he had never stopped there, and in fact, didn’t even know what it was (in case you are interested, it’s the ruins of a Renaissance Castle in La Tour d’Aigues). Because for him, driving by beautiful ruins of châteaus long past was a daily occurrence, totally normal in his French life. And now luckily for me, it’s totally normal in my French life too.  
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Spidatter: Travel Guest Post!

While our girl Ami is coasting through life on a far better continent,
can someone please explain to me why NASA hasn’t gotten its shit together yet and invented teleportation…?
Because then I’d be here—

Positano, Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Positano, Italy
Positano, Italy
Erica, the best (and craziest 🙂 traveling companion known to man…and my happy little self.
I’d also probably weight 20 pounds more than I do now, thanks to the absolutely ridiculous pesto and Limoncello options…  Life is SO hard!
Flash we hop you are having the absolute best time. Don’t work out too much.
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Guest Post! Miss B and Hustle

Hi! I’m Krissy, one half of Miss B and Hustle. I’m sooo honored to be asked to guest post on Fit with Flash! I’m a Cali girl living in rainy Portland (which I love 99% of the time) and until this past year, working out has been low on my list of priorities. I could just never motivate, but I think the key is finding something that works for you! I’m 100% addicted to Portland based barre3 and Corepower Yoga! I thought I’d share a few of my workout essentials!

  1. Lululemon pants. You can try other brands for slightly less $$, but you’ll always come back to your Lulu’s! There’s truly nothing better.
  2. I love using a natural deodorant when I do yoga because it washes off easily in the shower afterwards. I loooove Weleda’s spray deodorant in Wild Rose.
  3. Confession: I don’t always buy high-end sports bras. I really love Champion for Target’s neon colors and when I need more support, I layer two different colors!
  4. I used to buy running walking shoes based on how they matched my clothes, but recently I went to the Portland Running Co. and had them watch me on a treadmill and make a recommendation and I couldn’t be happier with the fit! (They still match my outfit!)
  5. I always keep a bottle of coconut water in my car, along with a few Larabars just so I’m not starving/dehydrated after class!
image pinned from Pinterest!
Thanks, Krissy! Now everybody go check out Miss B and Hustle! : ) Happy Thursday, Friday’s almost here!

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Guest Post! Maddie from Spidatter

Hello, hello! I’m Maddie from Spidatter (which is in no way a fitness blog, but I promise it’s still cool).

Ami’s allowing me to ramble on about my experiences with fitness while she’s galavanting in California. Thanks, Ami 🙂

Let’s talk about me and running. Not to worry…this won’t be a rant about the 10k I’m training for (because I’m not), nor about how much I just love love love to wake up at 5am and get a few miles in before work (because I don’t).
It’s a relationship that never really got off the ground, unfortunately. I’m not sure what the deal breaker was. Maybe it was all of those forced jog-a-thon fundraisers in Kindergarten (which I walked), or the “running of the dreaded mile” in third grade (which I also walked…in the snow), or perhaps it was all of those laps we did in PE in fifth grade…in our plaid, pleated uniform dresses. The man in the picture was our PE “coach.”

That’s me in the white sailor blouse. Adorable.

While the above memories all feed into my broken relationship with the track, the moment in my running history that truly highlights my athletic demise (and also doubles as an oft-repeated family anecdote) was the mile I had to run for physical fitness testing in junior high.
Junior high was a nightmare in and of itself, from which I’m still debriefing. And then at the end of the day, they made you run. We had these super cute red PE shirts we had to wear that had Santa Barbara Christian School printed on them. And all of the girls who needed sports bras were anti- wearing them (I was in that category)…while the girls with nothing to cover would wear them just for “fun.”

Side note: Perhaps some of you have heard me reference my “childhood best friend” from time to time…Katy [Hudson] Perry…? We were a year apart at Santa Barbara Christian School in junior high. I have this distinct memory of us changing for PE in the girls’ bathroom, wherein she lifted up her PE shirt to show not one, but two bras on, claiming, “My boobs are so big, I have to wear two bras at once!” So just to set the record straight, I wasn’t the girl she kissed, but she did flash me in junior high.

So there I am running the mile on a beat-up field full of gopher holes and puddles, and near lap four, I glance around and realize that I am one of only two people left still running. And the other girl is about to cross the finish line. And I am behind her. AND SHE IS WEARING A BACK BRACE. If that doesn’t scream, “Give up already! You are not a runner!” to an already insecure 13-year-old girl, I don’t what does…

Now I’m 25, and I just this last year began to mend my broken bond with running. It started with a trip to Lululemon and the purchase of this bra. I had foolishly sworn off this store previously as over-priced and over-zealous, created for the people who do yoga up to three times a day. And then I found myself all but drowning in a social circle of Lululemon believers and testimonies. So I ventured into the store – petrified, mind you – and bought this tank and the aforementioned sports bra. Which is solid as a rock…and yet bizarrely comfortable. And now I run. At least every other day. Not impressively fast, and not amazingly far – but that’s still running. And Lord help me if I don’t get my money’s worth out of that $50 sports bra and burn some major calories in the process.

I doubt they’d ever quote this in Fitness Magazine, but sometimes looking fantastic and spending unholy amounts of $$$ on athletic attire is by far the best motivation to sweat. Whatever it takes, right Ami?
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Guest Post! Across the Pond

I’m headed to LA for a fitness conference for the next few days so I’ll be completely M.I.A. Fear not. I’ve brought in back up… in the form of Megan (a real CA girl). Enjoy:

Hi there friends

I am Megan from Across The Pond

Since my friend Ami here is all into fitness stuff (proper terminology used)

I thought i would share a bit of my fitness routine with you..

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, i really make mine count

pancakes the size of your head is usually a good place to start.

After breakfast I continue the day by using my arms muscles to place food into my mouth.

after that i take a brisk walk to the end of my street

it is hard work.

But it has to be done.

Right Ami?

nailed it.

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Guest Post! Sara in Le Petit Village

I’m moving today (balls) so I’ve asked my favorite small village living, french-speaking, hilarious friend from the states, Sara to guest post to keep you guys occupied. I’m sure you already follow her, but if you don’t, do it. Now.

“I never used to be much of a jogger, but since moving to France, my day doesn’t kick off right without a jog out of my village. I started jogging for a couple of reasons; 1) I’m currently a housewife and am blessed with time in the morning. Now instead of jogging in heels to catch the bus, I’m jogging in shoes that aren’t conducive to twisting my ankle. And 2) because although ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ (according to that book) women who move to France do (well I do anyway). I blame it on the baguettes, and croissants, and the cheese, and the wine… that damn delicious, inexpensive wine. So since I’m not willing to sacrifice my baguette, and my croissant, my cheese, and my delicious, inexpensive wine, I jog. Because really, what would be the point of living in France without all of that French goodness?
Every morning (OK, almost every morning) me and my dog head out and catch the rising sun. It’s completely quiet; just me and my dog, Fifty. It’s my favorite part of the day.
This is what we see as we bounce along…

Which, I have to admit, makes me love jogging in my little village almost as much as I love all the baguettes, croissants, cheese, and wine.

This post would make me hate her… if I didn’t love her so much already. Damn you for living in an adorable village in France! ; )
Thanks, Sara! Or should I say, merci?

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Guest Post: Run With Me!

Sooo pumped to have the gorgeous Ashley K from Run With Me here today! Follow her. She’s fab.

Hi Friends! So happy to be here today…..although I have to say that guest posting for a fitness expert who also happen to be a spitting image of a smouldering Angelina Jolie (only prettier….not to mention much classier) is no small task!

When I started thinking about what I wanted to write about, I knew it had to be something to do with health….since Ami’s blog is, after all, centered on fitness. I started to think about health….and what it means to people across all ages.

To an 8 year old – health is solely related to a class all about brushing your teeth, applying deodorant and how to properly take a message for your mother

To a college age person,  health is a Flinstones vitamin and walking to class. 

To a 60 year old, health is getting to walk PAST the Depends aisle and not down it. 

To an 80 year old, health is becoming wise enough to secure your favorite doctor’s telephone number for speed dial. 

But what is health to the people our age? I think to most, myself included, it’s squeezing a workout in after work and before the bachelorette if we’re lucky. It’s buying fruits and veggies but pushing them aside for the TV dinner and break-and-bake cookies. 

I always save this blog for last because I know as soon as I read it, I’m going to feel guilty sitting on the couch instead of getting some cardio in!

So be inspired! Get up and get moving! Let “health” in your 20s and 30s and 40s be about balance and exercise and healthy eating. Here’s to our healthiest summer ever…..with a chocolate-covered cherry on top!

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Guest Post! Quill and Couture!

“And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department.” – Andrew Carnegie

I like to compete.  I compete in every single aspect of my life, which is great in terms of holding myself to a high standard, but also borderline neurotic…  As evidenced in my afternoon workout.  I set out for my lunchtime workout realizing I forgot my tunes.  No biggie, I like listening to nature now and then.  But when I realized I did not have my stop watch, my entire workout plan went out the window and I felt a bit of panic come over me.

Where are you my love?

Maybe not so much panic as annoyance, but I was most definitely flustered.  The thing is, I am very much attached to the timing of my workouts.  I like to know exactly how long it takes me to run 3 miles, and I want to beat my time from yesterday.  If I am running hills, I literally time each sprint and hope to beat the previous sprint or at least hit the same time every time.  I even play with my stride, shorter versus longer strides to see which is faster (normally it’s shorter but I always give the longer a shot).

Super not having it…

So as I took off running aimlessly with no route in mind.  I settled on running about a mile to a hill that I knew of where I could complete 10 hill sprints  and then run back.  To my delight the hills flew by!  I wasn’t timing every single sprint, and I simply felt fast.  It was like I was reconnecting with the road and my stride, not worrying about how fast I was getting somewhere because it simply felt good to be moving.  It was this in this moment that I stopped, looked and the sunlight and remembered how lucky I am to be able to run everyday whenever I want, wherever I want.  Sure the gadgets are nice, but sometimes it’s a good idea to disconnect with all your toys, and reconnect with the world’s origin playground, the ground.

Peanut Buttah reward!!

Shockingly, I am also motivated by treats.  So after my workout I rewarded myself with a big spoonful of organic peanut butter.  Delicious dose of protein that does a body and my heart good!  It really is the little things in life, go enjoy them.  xo

OMG I love her… go visit her blog! Now. Quill and Couture

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