Pumpkins, Punkin

We had a pumpkin carving party the other night…
Guess which one is mine?
Have any of you carved a pumpkin lately? It had been a really long time for me and I was pretty excited. I even grabbed a kit that had a bunch of different designs and all the tools to help you out.
It was way harder than I remember.
Or my pumpkin kit was just janky.
Either way… after a lot of sweat and frustration, my pumpkin is finished and on my porch. We’ll see how long it takes the neighborhood kids to come steal/smash it… Happy Wednesday!
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Halloween 2011

I’m missing Halloween this year! What a drag. Buuuut I’ll be in Thailand, so I guess it’s not so bad. Still. Dressing up is fun. Especially when you go as a group. This is my costume from 2009 – The Barry’s Bootcamp crew. So much fun!
The first season of Glee.
I was Quinn, back when she was preggo…
Maybe we’ll throw together something in Thailand? We’ll see…
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