My Weekend Home

I was supposed to be in Cleveland this weekend, but my trip got cancelled at the last minute so I got to stay home and spend some time chillin’ and hanging with a lot of peeps I haven’t seen in a while. It was great!

I got up Saturday morning, 
put on running clothes for a run and workout, 
and then ended up making a pie instead. 
as I said… ish happens.

I got to hang on the river with my brother and his family…

did a ton of playing 
and laying around with the Tang

and had my nephew, Jaxson school me in some puzzle-making. 

Can’t complain. 
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The House That Built Me

My Dad is selling the house I grew up in. 
He and my stepmother have retired and are moving to the country. 
I went today to pick up the last of my things there… 
I sobbed like a baby. 
The House That Built Me by Maranda Lambert on Grooveshark
The street where I learned to ride my bike, 
played endless games of kickball and hide-n-seek, 
and where we knew all of our neighbors. 
The mailbox that sent me my letters of acceptance
from my performance arts high school and college
(told you this was going to be sappy).
Although the tree, sandbox, swing set, and picnic table are gone,
it’s still a SWEET backyard.
The first address I memorized.
It’s ridiculous to hold on to all my old trophies from dance years,
but I’m keeping my very first one.
Last photo on the front steps,
through teary eyes…
Goodbye, house. 
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Summin’ It Up

So far this week I have:

* Said one thing while teaching cardio class while I did another (way too many times to count…)
*Washed and dried an entire load of laundry then realized I never put in detergent (fitness clothes so I can’t really let that slide. ew)
*Not returned several emails because I got them while driving and forgot to return them while I was at my computer at home.
*Let Tango outside and then completely forgot about him for an hour. In the rain. He hates the rain : (
*Had two cancelled flights and one delayed (that may still get cancelled, waiting for the email). Continental Airlines sucks.
*Gotten food poisoning. Brutal food poisoning. While traveling.
*Went the wrong way in NJ and accidently got on the bridge to Manhattan. The $8 toll, which I didn’t have (because I’d already paid out my cash to the 57 other toll booths) will now be billed and sent to my car rental place, which in turn will charge me $25 for. It’s happened before. Pumped.
Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. Now for the good stuff:
*Had a dinner date with hubs last Wednesday.
*Taught 2 amazing groups of instructors in my TRX certifications this weekend.
*Got to climb a couple routes on the climbing wall in the gym that hosted one of the TRX cert courses (before the brutal food poisoning).
*Saw my BFF in the Norfolk airport for 30 seconds (it’s better than nothing).
I can’t wait to spend the next 3 and half weeks on the ground, out of the sky, and at home with my family and friends.
And getting my head back on… Cheers, Ami.
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