Saturday Morning Funny…

So it’s freezing outside. 
It’s about 70 degrees inside
A lot of condensation formed on the door…
… and the door handle. 
When I went to leave the house
my hand slipped off the handle before it turned all the way
and my forward momentum got the best of me. 
That’s my arm print as I walked straight into the door.
Happy Saturday! 
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Running Fail (warning: blood)

Me and my client, Nikki 
were doing some cardio intervals today. 
It’s gorgeous out so we ran 1/4 mile intervals 
through the ‘hood between sets…
and then I tripped.
 And fell.
The really awkward kind of fall, 
where your limbs flail about uncontrollably, 
and there’s NOTHING you can do to 
The results: 
Not too bad on the left knee
The left shoulder,
thank goodness for neosporin. 
The left elbow
Right thumb… 
I have no idea. 

And the piéce de résistance:
My right palm. 
And if you’ll notice something interesting;
The white circle inside the wound 
is a scar from falling 
5 years ago. 

Now it’s going to be a bigger scar. 
Always aim higher, right? 
And this is Nikki, 
being awesome and helping me bandage myself. 

(don’t judge me by these shorts… it’s a weird angle. swear.)
I’m impressive. 
Happy Friday! 
Watch out for raised bits in the sidewalk. 
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Welcome home, Mom

It sucks to have to leave Tango at home when I travel but it’s nice knowing he gets to stay home with my roomie and has Churchill to play with while I’m gone.
The best part about being gone is the welcome I get when I come back home:
Him racing out of my room,
peeling out on the hardwood floors,
jumping 360s as I put down my bags,
sometimes a little pee on the floor out of excitement,
but all around a CUTE moment.
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I got home late Monday night, excited to be off the plane and to see Tang.
I almost asked Tamara to video the welcome routine so I’d have it to view, but couldn’t wait.
I let Tango out, he runs over, does a few 360s,
then lays on his back so I can pepper him with belly rubs.
And then he pees.
A lot.
And the pee HITS ME IN THE FACE.
And the pee goes UP MY NOSE.
…wish I’d asked Tamara to videotape it. Coulda won 100k from that one.
Thanks, Tango.
Love you too.
I guess that’s what I get for leaving…
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Ish Happens…

You can go on mini-shopping sprees, buy new clothes, have people tell you that you you look nice… and then the next day, you get shat on by a bird while you’re training somebody in the park under a tree. Damn.

I will now add this to the list of things that suck (only sometimes) about being a trainer*… along with people farting near you while doing sit ups, and the occasional ball sighting when dudes don’t wear anything under their shorts while on the leg press machine.
Another funny, humbling story here. If you want another laugh.
* Otherwise, being a trainer is awesome.
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A Slice of Humble Pie?

You can have 3 people tell you look nice in a day and feel on top of the world. Then you receive a package of gifts from the in-laws that includes a pair of your underwear that fell out of your bag on your last trip to their house. In a plastic baggie. Feels good.

Thank you, Universe, for keeping me humble. Sigh.
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