I Confess: I Watched The Sound of Music for the First Time at Age 31…


Although I love classic movies and know this one is beloved by many, I’ve never been interested in seeing this one. I know. I love musicals, I love Julie Andrews, I’ve just heard some of the songs from this movie (My Favorite Things & So Long, Farewell) a thousand times over the years and I just really never cared for them. I’ve seen the images of Julie Andrews twirling around on a mountain top and just thought it was her cruising around and singing about loving nature and music and shit. I’ve thought about watching the movie every now and then when I scroll past it on Netflix, but it wasn’t until I was on my long-ass flight to Thailand two weeks ago that I finally gave in.  Because so many people love the movie I was just curious enough, and on an 11 hour flight you have more than enough time. Why not watch it now?

I Confess: I was such a judger. I had no idea… [Read more…]

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I Confess…

1) I confess that I’ve never been able to curl my hair. EVER.

I’ve never known how, it’s too thin and fine, and it won’t hold a curl for more than 15 minutes before it falls flat. I’ve get insanely frustrated every time I try… I just usually end up straightening it back out just so I can leave the house. Even professional hair stylists haven’t been able to get it to hold a curl. UNTIL my BFF, Amanda curled mine with this Sedu wand and it actually worked! And held! *angels singing*

2) I confess that I just spent $100 on this Sedu clipless wand. (ridiculous)

3) I confess that it’s Tuesday afternoon. I have no need to be fancy. But I curled my hair anyway. BECAUSE I CAN!!!

4) I confess I took way too many selfies because of this ish. #curlyhairdontcare

fact: black & white filters make everything more attractive.

photo 1

The wand and the product I used: photo 2

The before and after editions:photo 3

The finished product: VICTORY!photo 4

Curly hair is glorious. I may do this every day. Don’t judge.

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I Confess…

“I Confess” theme by Carissa

*I confess my week’s to-do list is very long 
and the things that I’ve gotten accomplished so far are NOT on it.
Exhibit A: My Monday Morning
1. Cruise facebook… I mean, how else do you start your day at your computer?
2. Notice Pinterest links and get disgusted/intrigued by everything there
3. Join Pinterest.
4. Blog about said new membership and distractions.
5. Read blogs… It’s the start of the week. There are so many new posts up and now I’ve got to catch up on the happenings around the blogosphere.
6. Start blog post on not being productive.

*I confess that I’m a now a member of the first group mentioned here: 
“There are two types of mountain bikers: 
those that have gone over the handle bars, 
and those that will.” 
Thankfully I went more to the side than straight over top. Wheel went off the trail and down
a steep hill. Also thankful it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it was going to (as I was flying through the air). 

*I confess I could totally do without football. I just don’t get the nation’s obsession with it. They play for about 4 seconds at a time, then take a 5 minute break right after. No wonder each game takes like 4 hours… WTH?! I do get tailgating though, that’s fun (at least in October, when it’s not freezing yet, but not 1,000 degrees like it is when football season starts). 

*I confess that I have a weakness for fireplaces. There’s nothing more cozy than a couch in front of a fire, socks, a blanket, and a cup of tea. (My work atmosphere so far this week…) 
And that after searching for fireplace photos, now want this set-up: 
*I confess that even though I’ve never been a cold-weather type person
(hence my 4 years in San Diego),
the mountains have been growing on me lately…
the man-friend might have something to do with that. 

What confessions do you have today?
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I confess

“I Confess” theme by Carissa:
Today I confess

that although I missed reading all your blogs last week, it felt great to have NO internet or cell service out in Red Rock Canyon. It’s nice to unplug every now and then and get a little break from your computer and cell phone…

that even though Tamara and I live together, we hardly ever get to actually hang out. My goal for the next 3 weeks that I don’t travel: hang with my peeps. This is us when we took the dogs to the park Saturday morning #roomiebonding

that I can’t get started working in the morning (after my clients are trained) until I light all the candles in the house and make some green tea… Then it’s nice and comfy and I can concentrate.

that I purposefully didn’t use sunscreen two of the days I was in Las Vegas… just to tan (only for an hour at the pool though!). I’m now a slightly dark shade of “pale”

that I get rocked when it comes to jet lag… the sleeping schedule isn’t so much what gets me, it’s the bathroom schedule. You wouldn’t think 3 hour time difference makes that much of a difference, but when you need to do your duty (pun intended) in the middle of the night… you’re bummed.

that I felt like an idiot this morning after I got a text from a colleague (that I’d asked about a missing check the night before)  telling me that my check would be cut when I got my invoice in to her! A month later I’m wondering where my payment is… In contractor world, invoice = check. Duh. #independentcontractorlife

that I completely forgot that it was my boyfriend Adam Levine’s birthday today and I was supposed to send his gift a few days ago! #doh

I apologized but he was just like, “don’t worry, girl!” 
I’ll just have to get it ready 
so that when he sends the jet for me later tonight
 I’ll be good to go… 
Hate when that happens.
; ) 
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I confess…

“I Confess” theme by Carissa
  • I confess that I’m a hair-twirler and I can’t stop. Been doing it for years and I’m very much aware that it makes me look like a 16 year old idiot. Have you seen the movie Amelie? Know how she likes to put her hand in the barrel of beans? That’s me with the ends of my hair. Love the feel of it. Creepy. I know… 
  • I confess that I just found out last year that your car tells you which side the gas tank is on and you don’t have to just guess and hope you’re right (which I never am). There’s a FUCKING ARROW next to the gas icon on EVERY car out there. Were you guys aware of this?! Am I the only person that didn’t know about this? Anyway, this is extremely helpful since I’m in rental cars several times a month and I’m always wiggin’ out when trying to refill the tank in a hurry on my way to return the car at the airport. I just hate that I didn’t know it sooner. #facepalm
  • I skipped HBO in my hotel room last weekend and opted for Cinderella one night and The Lion King the next. Apparently I need to re-live some of my childhood movie nights. Or hang out with my nephew more. 
  • I confess I didn’t take Tango for a walk Friday of last week because it was 20 degrees outside. I let him play in the backyard most of the day and threw his rope in the basement a million times instead. “Hi. My name is Ami and I’m a horrible dog-owner.” “Hiiiiiii Ami” I made up for it the next day though… 
  • I always pack last minute, but I’m SO excited about my ski trip to Mammoth Mountain in CA next week that I’ve already started laying out my clothes. 
  • I confess that I hate being cold so much that I basically spend winter in two pairs of pants, my down jacket, and a beanie. Even when I’m inside. #sexylady

What do you guys confess today? 

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Friday Confessions…

“I Confess” theme by Carissa
  • I confess that I’d really like to film workouts/exercises to give to you guys but every time I think about filming myself outside at the park or something I immediate feel like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite (filming himself throwing the football) and talk myself out of it. #Douche I promise to get over it soon and give you guys some cool workout content. 
  • I confess that twice this week I’ve gotten into bed at 8pm and not felt bad about it. 
  • I confess that sweets are my vice. Especially chocolate. And trying not to eat sweets is really hard. But I’m doing good… #photoshootnextweeklitafireundermyass
  • I confess that I’ve flown into Philadelphia three times now for work outside of the city and STILL have never been into downtown. I plan to remedy that this week. Any good restaurant/site recommendations? 
  • I confess that it took me over a year to read all three books in the Millenium Series (aka Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books), but I’m finally done. As of last night. You’d have thought I was reading War and Peace. Alas… #victoryismine 
  • I confess that I went into Lululemon yesterday, even though I put myself on a spending freeze, and bought this top. Damnit. 
What do you confess this week? 
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I Confess:

“I Confess” theme by Carissa

Today, I confess the following:

1.  Chelsea turned me onto this song yesterday

 and I can’t get it out of my head. 
And I’m not mad about that. 
2. I cried for nearly 5 minutes from a scene in The Hunger Games last night. 
If you’ve read it/seen it, you know the scene. 
3. I need to cook more. I just do. It’s not hard. 
I’m just lazy in the kitchen. 
4. Even though I just got back from vacay in CA, 
I’m sooo ready for my BFF trip to Charleston next week! 
5. I told myself I wouldn’t buy another “fun” book until I finished my “work” book. 
Then I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire
and immediately bought and started 
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. 
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I confess…

As brought to you by Carissa
I confess:
That instead of putting air in my tires myself (in the freezing temps) this week, I went to get my oil changed… ’cause I knew they’d do it for me. I don’t look at it as lazy, I look at it as resourceful. Whatev. Charli needed an oil change anyway…

That I heard Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror song, on shuffle, right as I was driving through Gary, Indiana (his hometown) on Wednesday and I take it as a sign that we’re connected…

That even though I know I’m not overweight or anything but the idea of having to be in a fitness photo shoot yesterday still made me feel a little self-conscious… so I worked out a ton leading up to it.
That I may or may not have ordered Monte Carlo on Netflix this week because it looks really cute and my inner pre-teen just had to have it…

And that even though being single is the best thing for me right now, it doesn’t help/hurt to watch sappy chick flicks and tons of Grey’s Anatomy. Still the best scene of the whole series:
Ah… I remember watching that live, back in college. When it was still on Sunday nights…
The good old days…
What do you confess this week?
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I confess…

Today, September 12, I confess:
That I haven’t cooked dinner in a week… been eating at restaurants ever since. Good-bye, money. I didn’t need you anyway.

That when I finally went to the grocery this morning I bought a lot of produce. And then I bought a package of 3 candy apples. One for me, one for the roomie, and one more for me. ‘Tis the season, eh?
That I’m way behind on Bachelor Pad and kind of upset about it. I hate not knowing what people mean when they tweet about the previous night’s episode.

That several times this past weekend, when I attempted to work on a big presentation I have to give Friday, I stopped to check Facebook, read the 2nd Hunger Games book, or just stare off into space. #attentionspanofafiveyearold
That instead of being thankful for what I’ve done, the people in my life, and the things I have at this moment in time I’m really just sad today. Today would have been my 2nd anniversary.
Didn’t see that one coming, huh? Sorry to be a downer.
Moving on…
Cheers, friends. To making this a good, productive week.
Deep breath.
Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
“I confess” theme from Carissa.
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I confess…

So I’m stealing the “I confess” theme from Ashley… who stole it from Carissa. Now that that’s cleared up…
I confess:
1. That my new favorite show is Love in the Wild. Think The Bachelorette meets Survivor. It’s equal parts horrible, embarrassing, and amazing. I love it. My guy friend that DVRs it for me does not.

2. I bought Toaster Strudles at the grocery last week. I was rounding a corner and there they were. It’s like they were calling out to me. It’s been a while, so I caved and bought them. Strawberry, of course. And they were COMPLETELY delicious. Everything I hoped for and more… I even gave two of them to my roomie. Lucky girl.

3. I have NOT been bringing my A-game lately when it comes to my own workouts. #Lazy. So I’m going for a run after I finish this post. Promise.
4. When a client cancels an appt. with me I should be disappointed, but really I’m just thinking, “Sweet, now I can go to the pool.” *Which is what happened yesterday. Which is why my legs/ass are sunburned today.

5. I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant, then had a baby boy. I was kinda really happy. Not gonna happen anytime soon, obvs, but it was nice. I blame Bridget, Ahn, Elizabeth, and Kristen for all their preggo talk. : )

What do you confess this week? Anything good?!
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