Happy Birthday, Lucy

You know when people ask you who you want to meet if you could meet anybody? Lucille Ball would be my pick. I mean who else is that talented, strong, funny, smart, etc? Today would have been her hundredth birthday…
I Love Lucy is my favorite show and always will be. My mother introduced me to the show when I was a kid and have always loved it. I used be a tad obsessed with her… like collect-every-piece-of-Lucy-memorabilia-I-could-find-obsessed. When I finally ran out of space to put all the ish I collected, I called it quits. But that didn’t mean I loved her less. I still will watch episodes that come on Nick At Nite.
Favorite Eps:
Vitametavegamin. (duh)
We’re Having a Baby.
(where she tells Ricky she’s preggo. so. sweet)

Her movies were great, the books about her are sooo intriguing, and she’s just one of the coolest people I wish I’d had the chance of seeing.
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