I’m back! … for a hot second.

So with me being all janky with my ankle, I’ve been in a pretty shitty mood lately. I’m still doing everything and going about my normal day… it just sucks to be injured when you’re an active person. Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I just didn’t want to overload you with any more pissy posts.

Moving on: The fitness industry just had its biggest conference last weekend, IDEA World Conference out in LA. Being in town for only three days, then having to be out in LA for a few, and then back here for just a couple more days left me reeling with too much to do and not enough time. But I’m home, in bed at 7:30pm, and determined to post some photos… before I leave in the morning for NYC. So here’s a quick recap of the conference last weekend:

Flights to LAX were crazy so I flew to Orange County instead
and took the train up… I LOVE taking the train. It’s a way more relaxing way
to travel. Santa Ana’s Amtrak station is beautiful! 
I couldn’t do a lot in my boot, but I did get to sit in on the 
coolest session ever: Parkour! 
The guys from Parkour Generations
gave an awesome workshop on some of the basics 
of Parkour conditioning. 
It was equal parts exciting (to see how it’s all done)
and frustrating (having to watch and not participate). 
But I DID hop on one of their training rails 
just to show I wasn’t entirely immobile… 
Exhibit A: Pistol Squat WITH the boot. 
Got to do some TRX teaching at our booth
which is always fun: 
Helping out with some of the bigger conference sessions

And get some presentation work done
in the best office space at the Marriott at LA Live:

If you ever stay at the Marriott at LA Live, or just happen to be near there
GO there and EAT the BURGER. It’s the most amazing burger I’ve ever had. 

This is me getting to meet Laird Hamilton. 
We talked about swimming and my ankle… 
We’re practically friends now. 

This conference is always crazy because there’s just SO much going on. 
But it was nice to have a couple free hours the last day there. 
We got to head down to Santa Monica beach to play on the rings and chill on the sand… sans boot.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that my man-friend is in the fitness industry too.
Can’t beat getting to work AND play with him. 
; )  
Hope everybody’s having an awesome week! 
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IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Completely exhausted. Completely sore. Completely worth it.

This past weekend in Alexandria was crazy! So much was learned in this 3 day conference because some of the best trainers and presenters in North America were there. I had over 20 hours of learning so trust that I’m an even smarter trainer than I was last week! Booyah.

Peeps in the above photo:

Marc Coronel, me, Fraser Quelch, Sherri McMillan, and Jorge Ivan Maren
Google their names if you want to know how awesome they are. What you don’t trust me? Whatev.

I’ll be back to blogging regularly after this weekend, I swear! I have two trips in two different cities this weekend, starting Thursday so things are crazy, but my travel schedule mellows out once March hits! I miss you, blog world!
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Too Sore Sally

Ever been so sore it hurts to walk? Oh yeah. It’s zero fun. The day after that is even less fun. I’m in that mode right now after a really fun weekend on the lake… and some tubing… and some water skiing (which I’ve never done before).

It was definitely a good time, but if you’ve ever tried a new sport/activity and been super sore afterward, you’re likely to never ever do it again, or just not do it as often as you might like. Wonder why?
I hear a lot from people that they stopped working out because they were always so sore, it deterred them from hitting the gym later. Well I’ve found a really great article on Preventing Muscle Soreness from IDEA‘s website (IDEA is the world’s largest association for fitness and wellness professionals).
I found it via Twitter this week, read it, and thought I’d share it with you guys. So go take a look and let me know if you have any questions!

Read it here.
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