Inner Strength!

There are a lot of bootcamps, in a lot of towns across the country. 
The one Sarah and I run here in Louisville is awesome… 
if I do say so myself. 
Sarah and I make a great team
and together we run
Some bootcamps are hard and stressful. 
But here, we work hard AND have fun. 
Our crew is so motivated, 
so hardworking, 
and so entertaining at 6am. ; ) 
It makes getting up a 5:00am completely worth it. 
There’s a real team here. 
Our very own Inner Strength family. 
Yes, it’s early. 
Yes, it’s hard. 
Yes, you get dirty and sweaty. 
Yes, you get sore. 
But you’re stronger
And you’re tougher.
And you are better

Sarah and I would like to extend
 a big thanks, hug, and ass slap high five 
to all our
 past, present and future bootcampers. 
We love you guys! 
If you’d like to be a part of our team, check us out and come get after it with us next week! 
If bootcamps scare the crap out of you, check out my bootcamp tips here. ; ) 
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Getting In Shape… In Every Budget!

If you ask most people one thing they’d like to change in their lives, they’d answer with, 
“I’d like to be in better shape.” 
When asked why they don’t, they usually reply with one of two things;
“I don’t have time.”
“It’s just too expensive.”
While I can’t do anything to change your time management issues
 (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post)
 I can definitely tell you that money shouldn’t be an issue, and here’s why: 
You have many options to get in shape, no matter what your budget.

Hire a personal trainer! 
There’s no easier way than to hire somebody to tell you how to train, how often to train, and to make sure you’re doing it correctly. There are personal trainers at your gym, there are trainers at private clubs, there are even trainers that will travel to your home/office to train you at a time that’s most convenient for you. So there shouldn’t be anything holding you back other than finding a trainer that you like. Here’s a database that helps you find certified trainers in your area. Here’s one that helps you find TRX trainers in your area. Just make sure you actually do what they tell you… ; ) 
Split the cost of a trainer between you and a friend (or three)
Hiring a trainer at $70+ an hour can get expensive after a while, but if you have a friend or two that wants to jump in, that will help offset costs and give you a workout buddy that will help keep you accountable for making it to your sessions. It’ll also make things more fun while trying to reach your goal. Costs usually drop down to around $30 to $50 per person, per session. And the more buddies you have, the cheaper it’ll be for each of you. 
Join a Bootcamp! 

Bootcamps sound scary, but in all actuality, they’re pretty fun. You have a whole crew of people to suffer with work out with, compete with, make jokes with, and before you know it, your workout is done and you’ve had a reasonably fun time! Bootcamps usually meet two to three times per week and the cost usually breaks down to anywhere from $12-$20 per session. This is a great way to get your workout in, have some fun, meet new people, and not break the bank. If you’re in the Louisville area, check out my TRX Bootcamp.
Group Fitness Classes!
There are all kinds of gyms that offer memberships for as little as $15 per month. Look for a new gym opening in your area. With the opening day sales, you can score a few months of membership at a low cost, and included in that membership is a whole schedule of FREE group fitness classes. Same idea as with bootcamp above; you don’t have to go alone. It’s fun, exciting, easy to jump in, and you have a qualified instructor telling you what to do and making sure you’re doing it correctly so you don’t get hurt. Plus, classes are usually unlimited! So you can go as many times per week as your schedule (and body) allows to get the most bang for your buck. And you have the option to mix it up. Spinning class one day, strength the next, cardio dance to shake your ass, and yoga to calm yourself down. You’ll have so much to choose from you won’t know what to do first. And you’ll never get bored! 
So if you want to get in shape, and your budget is holding you back, hopefully this helps. 
Questions? Shoot ’em over to me:
In the Louisville area & want to train with me?

Now go get after it! 

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Five Reasons Today Rocks

~I’m off to Texas this weekend to teach another awesome 8-hour TRX Training Course, so I’ll catch up with you guys on Monday! Happy Friday!
Here are 5 reasons today rocks:
1. One of my clients had a 5 week assessment today. She’s lost 4 pounds and 6 and a half inches so far because she works hard! She does what I tell her, she gets results. YES.

2. The St. James Court Art Fair is this weekend and I’m going with my mom later! This is an art event that brings all kinds of artists from all over the country to Louisville every first weekend in October, every year. I’ve missed it for the past 4 years and CAN’T WAIT to go again! And I get to hang out with my mom. Double Score.

3. Committed, the book I’m reading is REALLY good. I’m flying this weekend. I need a GOOD book with me when I fly, because flying freaks me the heck out. And I do a lot of flying. If the book sucks, I start thinking about my plane falling out of the sky. GOOD BOOKS ROCK.

4. The Inner Strength Bootcamp Happy Hour part-ay is tonight!!! All of our past, present, and maybe future bootcampers get the chance to mingle and have fun whilst smelling and dressing nice. I may not be recognizable tonight.

5. I get to hang out with my husband tonight! We haven’t seen a lot of each other lately because I work late every night with classes/clients and have been out of town the past 6 weekends in a row. So tonight, we’re getting fancy for the party and I get to show him off (because he’s awesome) to all my bootcamp pals. – photo by 927 Photography. duh.

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TRX Kettlebell Bootcamp!

Hey Louisville! Inner Strength is starting our new TRX – Kettlebell Bootcamp on July 27!

It’s a 4 week bootcamp that runs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00am at Waterfront Park. For more information and to sign up for the class, click here.
The 4 week session is $120. BUT if you have your own TRX you only pay $100. AND then you will always have a TRX for use on your own. To shop for your own TRX click here. The video below will give you a sneak peak of some of the exercises we’ll be doing in the class. Check it out!
And remember: You’ve got tonight and Monday to enter the Personal Training Give Away… get your comments/emails to me to enter. I’ll be drawing the winner of 3 sessions on Tuesday morning!

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