Quote of the Day…

My friend, Joey Gonzalez posted this on Facebook this morning and I had to share it with you all. 
It’s resonating so much with me right now… 
“It’s impossible,” said Pride. 
“It’s risky,” said Experience. 
“It’s pointless,” said Reason. 
“Give it a try,” whispered the Heart
Happy Tuesday, everybody! 
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“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”
-Napoleon Hill

Take this quote and do what you will with it today.
Whether it’s quitting that job you hate to chase another that might not pay as much,
or putting the first foot forward to training for the weight you never thought you could reach,
or leaving the bad relationship you’re in to be alone, but happier,
or going back to school, even though you’ll be the oldest in the class,
or leaving your hometown for another where you don’t know anybody.
Whatever you WANT to do with yourself, GO FOR IT.
Start working towards it. Today.
Because it will never be the “right” time.
Be bold.
Be Brave.
You’ve got this.
Have a great Monday, guys!
I’ve been scared shitless about many of the huge decisions I’ve made in my life (most against the wishes of my family/friends), but I’ve always been happy so I don’t regret a SINGLE one. Sometimes you just gotta leap. The net will appear.
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What your trainer is REALLY thinking…

Today’s post is inspired by this video. It made me laugh out loud at a few points because I’ve heard a lot of these things several times over the years from personal training clients and group fitness participants alike. You don’t need to watch the whole thing, but have a listen:
As trainers, we hear all kinds of excuses/complaints from our clients.
This is what your trainer is really thinking:
if your trainer is me…
“I’ve been training with you for a year (or other amount of time) and I haven’t lost any weight!”
Oh really? I train you for 1 hour, twice a week. I’m in charge of you 2 hours per week, you’re in charge of yourself the other 166 hours. You’re right. It’s probably my fault. All the stuff I’m giving you to do the rest of the time that you’re not doing… can’t be that.
“I don’t like vegetables!”
Oh well in that case, you should keep eating those potato chips, made from a factory. Those are probably definitely better for you. I have no idea what I’m talking about. And what you’ve been eating is doing great things for your body… is that why you hired me?
“Why am I even doing this exercise?!”
I’m just f***ing with you. Thought I’d see how funny you looked doing it. It’s not for your benefit in any way possible.
“I hate lunges!”
Remember when you told me you wanted a better ass? Well, this is how you get it. You build glute muscle and that’s what gives you the shape. Do the lunges, or don’t complain about your flat butt.
“I hate cardio!”
Yeah? I hate paying bills. But I do it so I can have a car, a place to live, etc. You don’t like being overweight/weak? You gotta do some work. Sorry. When your body gets to a place where it’s used to doing work, it works more efficiently.
“If I eat more fruits and vegetables I’ll have to go to the store more often.”
Which do you hate more: being overweight and unhealthy, being at risk for Type II Diabetes, have high cholesterol/blood pressure, etc from eating CRAP…. or making the trip to the store (to buy fresh) once every 4 or 5 days? You decide.
“I don’t want those heavy weights! I’ll get bulky!”
You’re right. Because those 3 lb weights you’ve been using are doing SO much for you. Lifting weights burns calories (gets rid of fat) and builds muscle (makes muscle visible… i.e. TONE). The more you challenge yourself (safely), the stronger you’ll get. Unless you’re injured or rehabbing something, you don’t need 1lb weights… promise.
“I want to be back to the weight I was at 5 years ago… in 2 months.”
Well if it took you 5 years to get out of shape, it might take a little longer than 2 months to get back to where you were. If you’re dropping weight correctly, it’ll be at a rate of 1 or 2 lbs/week. Soooo do the math.
“This is hard!”
You’re absolutely right. You should stop right now. Don’t do anything that’s hard. That can’t be good for you. Keep doing what you were doing (easy/nothing). See if anything changes.
“People have been eating bread for centuries.”
People have also been smoking opium for centuries… not everything that’s been around forever is good for you. It’s not that you can never have bread/alcohol/cheese, but you’ll lose weight faster if you eat less of it.
“You hurt me yesterday, I was sore.”
There’s a difference in pain and discomfort. Sore muscles aren’t hurt. They’re sore because you haven’t used them in a long time. Keep going! You’ll be less sore as you go on. If you stop, you’ll just be sore every time you start up again after a hiatus. And so what if you’re sore? You won’t die. Your muscle fibers heal and get stronger. That’s how it works. You think I’m never sore? Riiiiight. If you’re in actual pain for more than a couple days, we’ll talk.
“I’m not going to stop _____. It’s my thing.”
Whether your “thing” is having a giant Starbucks latte every morning, or beers with the coworkers after work every night, those calories add up and it’s not helping your cause. And if you’ve been doing it every day for the past few years, nothing’s going to change in your body if you don’t change your current habits.
Trainers don’t tell you to add something or drop something from your routine just to see if we have power over you. We don’t tell you to exercise because we want you to be miserable. We don’t push you because we’re on a power trip and we just want to see if you’ll do whatever we say (well, most of us don’t). We do it because it will help you with your goal. We try to be as supportive of you, empathize with whatever road blocks you’ve faced in the past, and push past those to get where you want to be. Whether it’s losing weight, building strength, or making you healthier we give you advice because YOU hired US for help and WE know how to help you reach your goal, whatever that may be. But you have to listen to make it work…
*I know this was a pretty sarcastic post, but in all reality I’m this business because it’s amazing to help somebody reach their potential. I’ve had people complain and yell and even curse me up one side and down the other… but if they keep going and work hard, I don’t care. : ) Most of my clients (especially the ones I’m training now) are very hard-working individuals and put a lot of effort into reaching their goals. For these peeps: I appreciate and respect who you are and everything you do!
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Book Buzz – The IMPACT Plan

If you’re ever in need of motivation, inspiration, or a swift kick in the tail to get you going, this is the book for you.

My friend and colleague (he’s on a WAY higher level than me, but he’s still technically my colleague), Todd Durkin has written this book and for once, while reading a fitness/life book, I agree with EVERYTHING in it. There’s not a page in this book that I find hokey, misleading, or untrue. Even if you’re not trying to get in shape, or think you know all there is to know, you’ll gain something from reading this book.

Todd Durkin is one of the best presenters/trainers in the world. Despite his numerous awards under his belt, his allure comes from his personality and aura. He’s trained the last two Super Bowl MVPs, many other pro athletes, every day Joes, soccer moms, the elderly, the young… you name it, he’s trained them. Whenever he speaks at a conference or trade show, I make a bee-line for the room. His presence, his enthusiasm, his work ethic, his success is enough to make you want to be a better person/professional within ten minutes of taking his class/session.
In this quick read, Todd discusses the methods of getting your body in it’s peak physical condition, as well as your mind. I already know how to do this, but just reading this book makes me want to jump up and better myself. It’s weird, but even his writing gets me amped. If you’re trying to make a change in your life, for the better, this book will help you get there. He’s all about “Getting Your Mind Right” and can help you with several different steps that will lead you to a happier, more fulfilled, more successful way of living. This book, complete with a 10 week program, is full of physical exercises, mind exercises, nutrition info, recipes, etc. It’s COMPLETELY worth every penny. Add it to your library, baby! Buy it here.
Me and Todd at the TRX Instructors’ Summit in San Francisco a couple weeks ago:

iPhones in dark restaurants don’t make for the best photos… but whatev. TD is amazing.
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