Lately… in Instagram

Setting a box on the table = instant cat trap.

You need multiple boxes for multiple cats though…

Some much needed motivation to do a workout I didn’t feel like doing. 

Bean and Kale Soup

 My bootcampers kicking ass. 

My new TRX gear for my Bootcamp. 

Bernheim Forest hike w/ Tango.

Ben Sollee concert. 

And from yesterday:  #TBT
 First day of school. 
If you’re on Instagram, let me know! 
Let’s be buds. 
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Things of Late (via my Instagram Feed)

Instagram makes everything look better. It just does. 
Somebody made damn-near perfect Banana Bread.  #itwasme

Mid-afternoon power nap buddy, Emmy. 
I love how she always holds on to me with her paw. 
Catching lightning bugs with Churchill and Tango during our walk at dusk. 
Canada = Bear + Elk on the side of the road. 
One of my hardest working clients, Nikki 
who’s strutting her ish in pin-stripe pants she hasn’t worn in a while. 
Kickass lamp hanging at the end of a driveway in the ‘hood. 
The best rasberry this summer.

Are you on instagram? 
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Let’s Be Instagram Buds, k?

Since I’ve been lying in bed for 2 days, I’ve been wasting spending a lot of time on the internet and I realized that I don’t follow nearly enough people on Instagram. I love Instagram! And I love how you can so quickly cruise through and catch little glimpses of friends’ lives. Sooo send me your Instagram names, peeps!
 And follow me if you want! 
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