I’m back! … for a hot second.

So with me being all janky with my ankle, I’ve been in a pretty shitty mood lately. I’m still doing everything and going about my normal day… it just sucks to be injured when you’re an active person. Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I just didn’t want to overload you with any more pissy posts.

Moving on: The fitness industry just had its biggest conference last weekend, IDEA World Conference out in LA. Being in town for only three days, then having to be out in LA for a few, and then back here for just a couple more days left me reeling with too much to do and not enough time. But I’m home, in bed at 7:30pm, and determined to post some photos… before I leave in the morning for NYC. So here’s a quick recap of the conference last weekend:

Flights to LAX were crazy so I flew to Orange County instead
and took the train up… I LOVE taking the train. It’s a way more relaxing way
to travel. Santa Ana’s Amtrak station is beautiful! 
I couldn’t do a lot in my boot, but I did get to sit in on the 
coolest session ever: Parkour! 
The guys from Parkour Generations
gave an awesome workshop on some of the basics 
of Parkour conditioning. 
It was equal parts exciting (to see how it’s all done)
and frustrating (having to watch and not participate). 
But I DID hop on one of their training rails 
just to show I wasn’t entirely immobile… 
Exhibit A: Pistol Squat WITH the boot. 
Got to do some TRX teaching at our booth
which is always fun: 
Helping out with some of the bigger conference sessions

And get some presentation work done
in the best office space at the Marriott at LA Live:

If you ever stay at the Marriott at LA Live, or just happen to be near there
GO there and EAT the BURGER. It’s the most amazing burger I’ve ever had. 

This is me getting to meet Laird Hamilton. 
We talked about swimming and my ankle… 
We’re practically friends now. 

This conference is always crazy because there’s just SO much going on. 
But it was nice to have a couple free hours the last day there. 
We got to head down to Santa Monica beach to play on the rings and chill on the sand… sans boot.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that my man-friend is in the fitness industry too.
Can’t beat getting to work AND play with him. 
; )  
Hope everybody’s having an awesome week! 
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Travel Thoughts – LA (again)

  • Ah, it’s good to go back to Southern California
  • “I’m goin back to Cali”
  • “It never rains in Southern California”
  • “California… knows how to party”
  • Ok CA songs in my head have got to stop…
  • First American Airlines flight… looking forward to somthing new.
  • Whenever I go to the bathroom on flights I feel like the plane will drop, sending me flying up and hitting the roof… kinda like Charlie in the first episode of LOST. I go fast.
  • Reading a GREAT new book. Will tell all of you about later.
  • NBC on the plane is awesome. Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Jay Leno shorts, Jimmy Fallon shorts. Time is flying by.
  • I haven’t even used all my iPhone/Mac batteries yet.
  • Watched The Kids Are All Right
  • GOOD movie. Lots of sex scenes.
  • It’s REALLY awkward to be watching sex scenes when other people can see your computer screen. Especially when it keeps happening.
  • Also on the list of airplane awkward? Laughing outloud at the movie you’re watching when nobody else is watching it with you.
  • Dang.
  • Here. Yay. Thank you for letting me live another day, pilots. High Five.
  • It’s really fun to be up 3 hours before everybody else.
  • Oh well, I’ll just have to go back to sleep.
  • Twist my arm.
  • Friends last night, friends today, TRX tomorrow, other friends tomorrow night, home on Monday.
  • Happy Weekend, everybody!
image via We Heart It.
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Travel Thoughts – L.A.

  • Is it me or does anybody else instantly feel fancy and imporant when they’re in big cities?
  • I feel like this when I’m in NYC too.
  • Oh hay-ell yeah it’s 76 degrees out! Suck it, Louisville weather.
  • Subcompact car rental – $40. Not bad.
  • Getting the huge, free upgrade because of lack of subcompacts! SCORE.
  • Hello lots of buttons!
  • I kind of wish it were cold for a few minutes so I could enjoy the heated seats. Dang.
  • Holy cow, I’m going the speed limit! Yay for everybody moving!
  • I can’t believe I just went 5 miles on the 405 with no traffic! Woo hoo!
  • Jesus H. Christ, I hate traffic in this damn city.
  • Having family that lives 2 blocks from the Pacific kicks ASS.
  • Very lucky I have cool in-laws.
  • Yay beach time. I’m also a slightly darker shade of Ivory.
  • Yay for new Lulu pants and top!
  • Holy shit, I just got from Redondo Beach to West Hollywood in 35 minutes.
  • I must be lucky.
  • I heart Barry’s Bootcamp. You should go. My photo is up on the wall still!
  • Not my first hike in LA, but my first hike to the Hollywood sign!
  • Yay for meeting other bloggers! I love Tash from The Chirpy Bird. Follow her, she’s Fantastic!
  • She says “fanTAStic” a lot in her cute little Australian accent.
  • Holy shit, I just went from Hollywood to Redondo Beach in 40 minutes. At 2pm.
  • That’s not luck, that’s MAD driving skill.
  • Car rental back 2 minutes late. No charge for a second day. Whew.
  • Oh Hey, Lance Bass.
  • Jimmy Fallon is following me on Twitter! Holy Crap!
  • I’m pretty sure all of this means I’m a celebrity now.
  • 2 and a half days is not long enough. Missing 3 very important people! Next time though.
  • Onto San Diego!
image via my iPhone : )
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You know when you see somebody out that you know, but you don’t know where you know them from? Happens to me all the time. I’ll see people from my 6am bootcamp (where they’re half awake and sweaty and in workout clothes), then I’ll see them at a restaurant, clean and dressed nicely. It always take a second to figure out who they are and where I know them from. Anywho…

I went to Barry’s Bootcamp , in West Hollywood, yesterday to say hey to my friend who was teaching and some other peeps I knew who were taking class. This guy steps out of the room for a sec to throw something away and I KNEW I knew him. I was about to say, “hey!” but I realized I couldn’t remember where I knew him from so I just didn’t say anything and went back to talking to my friend… Sooooo glad I kept my mouth shut.
It was Lance Bass of N’SYNC.
That could have been awkward…
image via
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Going Coastal

Guess who’s headed over to the left coast for a little fun in the sun? That’s right. This girl and that guy. Can’t wait to actually need my sunglasses on again. I’m pretty pumped for the 50 degree temperature increase as well. We’ll see you tonight, LA. We’ll see you on Sunday, San Diego. Back in the ‘ville next Tuesday. Holla!

photo by Shelby from 927 and Joielala
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Coast to Coast… to Coast

So here’s my January:
13th-15th: Los Angeles, CA – For the In-Laws and the L.A. friends.

16th-18th: San Diego, CA – For the Friends and the SUN. Image via

21st-23rd: Newark, NJ – For the NYC friends, the Shore, and the TRX Trainers. Image via
28th-30th: New Orleans, LA – For the TRX Trainers and my own exploration… Image via

Am I near you? Wanna work out?
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TIckets Booked!

We couldn’t make it back to San Diego and L.A. for the holidays this year, but we’ll be there just a couple weeks later! We were finally able to work out our schedule and our tickets are booked! We’ll see you, left coast, from January 13th-18th!

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