5 Quirks…

quirk: noun – a peculiar behavioral habit

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We all have quirks… I usually don’t realize certain things I do are out of the ordinary until somebody points it out to me. Here are a few that I have, that have been brought to my attention over the years.

1) I eat my food one item at a time. 

People get mad at this one sometimes. I have never really thought much about it. It’s not that I can’t eat a bite of this, then a bite of that, I just like to experience the full flavor of one part of the dish before moving on to something else. If I have a bite of steak, then have a bite of asparagus, when I go back to the steak then the taste is slightly less than it was before because now I have asparagus flavor on my tongue, getting in the way. I prefer for my foods’ tastes to not mask each other.  — This doesn’t apply with Mexican food, where it tastes good because it’s all smooshed together. I’m not sure why it’s different. It just is.

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Some things you never learn…


Do you ever have those things you NEVER seem to learn from? Mistakes you make over and over again? I’m talking the little ones, not the big ones. (I don’t think many people make huge mistakes more than once or twice.) There are some mistakes I seem to always repeat… I realize it, but I still do it. So this list is an attempt to put them out there, pay more attention, and not repeat them. Here goes:  [Read more…]

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