It’s a big day for LOVE!

Today the Supreme Court votes for marriage equality. 
I couldn’t be more excited. 
This was me, protesting against the passing of Prop 8
in California in 2008. It was a bill that took away
same-sex rights in CA. It devastated thousands that had already 
been granted the right and had gotten married. This proposition threatened to annul their marriages.
Can you imagine lawmakers saying that your marriage was never really REAL?!
And telling you can’t marry who you love? 
And you can’t have any of the legal rights that married couples receive?
And hearing from people who don’t even know you or your partner and 
telling you your love doesn’t count?

Love/Families exist in multiple forms.

Love will always be there and knows no bounds. 
Your religion may not agree with same-sex marriage, 
but if that’s the case, then don’t marry somebody of the same sex
But don’t vote to take away that right for others. 
I mean, seriously! It’s like we’ve stepped back in time, all over again. 
This video says it all: 
Keep up with the court hearing’s and progress
via the Human Rights Campaign here
Let’s support LOVE.
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I can’t help myself…

I can’t stop watching this video… 
I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, 
but really… 
Let’s all watch it again. 
Her reactions are the best. 
Too bad for any guy that’s planning 
a flash-mob-esque proposal at the moment. 
The bar just got set WAY high… 
Hope you guys are all having an awesome and love-filled day. 
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A day for love…

Remember when you were a kid and Valentines Day just meant picking out cards for all your friends and classmates and exchanging candy? 

It wasn’t this fuss over whether or not you had a date or were alone. 
Or if you had a date, what gift to get them. 
It was just fun. 
And sweet. 
And everybody was happy. 
Let’s go back to that. 
’cause we could learn a lot from kids…
So whether you’re loving a significant other, 
a family member, 
a best friend, 
a pet, 
a child, 
or just yourself… 
Celebrate the LOVE.
Happy Valentines Day!!! 
my fave:

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Love Wins…

Today was an incredible day for LGBT rights. Today the Proposition 8 (Gay Marriage Ban in California) was deemed unconstitutional and overturned. Full article here.

In June of 2008, California’s courts legalized same-sex marriage. In November it was taken back after voters turned it around through a very nasty campaign, filled with untrue propaganda. For the last two years, people have been working diligently to put the rights back into place for every person in California. Two same-sex couples had to go all the way to District Court to see this through and because of their bravery, Prop 8 has finally been overturned.
This video was posted on Youtube by the Courage Campaign after Prop 8 won the vote in 2008. Even though same-sex couples were legally allowed to marry for 6 months before the vote, the other side wanted their marriages annulled. These are couples and families that were showing their love and asking not to be forcefully divorced. It shows a great deal of love. Please watch.
Here’s a photo of me (taken by my husband) from the protest that ensued in San Diego after Prop 8 first passed after election day, 2008. I’m in blue, and those guys on the right are checkin’ out my sexy hubs. : )
Judge Walker’s decision will most likely be appealed by those wishing to discriminate against Gays/Lesbians, so it’s likely this case will be taken all the way to the US Supreme Court. If this happens, we will have a long road ahead of us, but I believe that EQUALITY will prevail in the end, just like it did today. Love wins.

If you have any celebratory photos to share, please email them to me!
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