Lululemon Ambassador Summit: Video

I started to put the next couple days’ photos up
for the next post and was thinking of making a video instead.
So I did.
Music: Slumber
Artist: Needtobreathe
Thanks again to everybody at Lululemon
for an amazing event. We gained so much on this trip
and all of us are grateful!
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Lululemon Ambassador Summit Day 1

I have SO many photos to go through from the Lululemon Ambassador Summit I attended two weeks ago… so I’ve decided to break it down into parts. There were 110 of us from all over North America and the UK coming to the event. We were all traveling on the same day and trying to use the Facebook group page to see where everybody was coming from. The day of, we found out that about 20 of us were all connecting in Chicago to Vancouver.

Sweet gathering of Lulu peeps in the terminal! 
(Some peeps were off grabbing food before our 4 hour flight)

Once we got to Vancouver and through customs, off we went for a quick visit to Lulu headquarters and then onto the two huge tour buses that were taking us up to Whistler for the weekend. You should have seen the taxi line taking us all over to headquarters!

Bus time! 
 Now I know (or at least I’d heard) Vancouver has the same weather as Seattle and it rains a WHOLE lot, but the weather gods were definitely hookin’ us up with some sweet sunshine that week! Hello, scenery! There wasn’t a person on the bus who wasn’t crawling to the windows trying to catch the views on their iphone cameras. 
I was a little jealous of the climbers as we drove through Squamish…
We had to just enough time on the bus to try to locate our roomies (via our matching keychains and quotes) and get to know the fellow ambassadors. My girl, Aleah and I were practically caught up on each other’s life stories by the time the two-hour drive to Whistler was complete.
My roomie, Lara! 
 It was an awesome scene as we pulled up at the Four Seasons! An entire crew of Lulu staff was there dressed in sombreros and welcoming us with a cheering party. We were ecstatic to come into our rooms to find bottles of wine, fresh produce, and Lulu gear! 
Lululemon had rented out the ENTIRE Four Seasons hotel for our event that weekend and had basically taken over the place.  There were bits of Lulu everywhere you looked. I have no idea how long it took them to set up, but you could tell they put so much thought and effort into it. This was kind of setting the scene for how the week was going to go. 
A stool and hammock made from recycled yoga mats and straps! 

All the main rooms were transformed to make it feel like home
Reading area was the Library. Restaurant was the Kitchen
Meeting room was the Family Room, etc. 
Loved it! 

We had about an hour to get ready and head down to the “Kitchen” to have our Get To Know You Dinner and settle into the week. There were awesome introductions from the staff that had put everything together, as well as from the Lululemon CEO, Christine Day. It was great to hear some inspiring stories as well as hear about the now infamous “see-through” pants dilemma they had a couple months ago. It’s great to see though how they handle the rigors of a growing company while still trying to stick to the mission statement that they had from the very beginning. Inspiring to say the least…

We knew we were in for a pretty kickass couple of days! 

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Lulu Ambassador Summit 2013!

Whistler, here I come! 
As a Lululemon Ambassador for the Louisville store, 
I was beyond thrilled to receive an invitation to the 
Ambassador Summit in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada. 
I’d always heard about the infamous lulu summit
from other ambassadors I know in the fitness industry,
but now I get to GO! 
So I’m headed out to Vancouver (literally in the air right now)
to catch a bus with a bunch of other ambassadors (from all over the globe) 
up to Whistler! 

Extra fun: 
They sent us a cute note and really cute keychain! 
This keychain also doubles as our way to find our roomies for the weekend! 
There are about 100 of us going, so when we get there, 
we have find to the ambassador that has the matching keychain and quote. 

LOVE it. 
Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it when I’m back. 
Have a great week! : ) 
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Lulu Love

I have a fun new lululemon/travel post coming soon, 
but for now, check my cute new 
I picked up from my home Showroom
I hate being cold so this keeps me warmer in the cooler mornings, 
until I get hot (temperature-wise, not sexy-wise) ; ) 
The  longer sleeves (which are great for these long gorilla arms of mine) 
and thumbholes keep the sleeves down past my wrist where I like ’em!
Plus, the sleek black color has become my latest JAM 
when it comes to travel outfits… Dressed up or dressed down, it’s cozy, comfy, and cute. 
Triple whammy! …much like this last lulu outfit jam. 
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Outfit Post… seriously.

Need another reason to like Lululemon ish? 
(I need another reason like a need a hole in my head). 

This running top (that I just bought) 
Plus these yoga/workout/running pants (that I’ve had for a while) 
equals this cute-ass outfit that I’m wearing to travel to Philly in today.
Cute. Comfy. Bam.

*Churchill’s not impressed, but I think I look good. 

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Salutation Nation!

I’m completely and utterly excited that a Lululemon is going to be opening in the Ville soon! Yesssss. Not only do they have amazingly flattering fitness clothing, but they do a ton in the community as well. The company hosts a variety of complimentary classes throughout the year, but they also do Salutation Nation, a once yearly, country-wide yoga class that happens on Saturday, at 9am. So people are gettin’ their down dogs on all over the place, simultaneously. I don’t mean that in the dirty way it sounded… or maybe I do…

This was us at 9am today!
Namaste, bitches!
Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’m off to a wedding tonight so I’ll be gettin’ my dance on. All night. Yeah.
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Cool Tank

This top is my favorite top to work out in. It’s REALLY light which awesome when it’s a billion degrees out (or when it’s a billion degrees in your gym/house/garage/wherever you work out). It breathes easy, it looks great, and it’s Lululemon but don’t even trip, it’s not $1,000.

Only $39, people!
I have it in 4 different colors because it looks so great on.
With a blazer, or on your run!

photo via
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Guest Post! Maddie from Spidatter

Hello, hello! I’m Maddie from Spidatter (which is in no way a fitness blog, but I promise it’s still cool).

Ami’s allowing me to ramble on about my experiences with fitness while she’s galavanting in California. Thanks, Ami 🙂

Let’s talk about me and running. Not to worry…this won’t be a rant about the 10k I’m training for (because I’m not), nor about how much I just love love love to wake up at 5am and get a few miles in before work (because I don’t).
It’s a relationship that never really got off the ground, unfortunately. I’m not sure what the deal breaker was. Maybe it was all of those forced jog-a-thon fundraisers in Kindergarten (which I walked), or the “running of the dreaded mile” in third grade (which I also walked…in the snow), or perhaps it was all of those laps we did in PE in fifth grade…in our plaid, pleated uniform dresses. The man in the picture was our PE “coach.”

That’s me in the white sailor blouse. Adorable.

While the above memories all feed into my broken relationship with the track, the moment in my running history that truly highlights my athletic demise (and also doubles as an oft-repeated family anecdote) was the mile I had to run for physical fitness testing in junior high.
Junior high was a nightmare in and of itself, from which I’m still debriefing. And then at the end of the day, they made you run. We had these super cute red PE shirts we had to wear that had Santa Barbara Christian School printed on them. And all of the girls who needed sports bras were anti- wearing them (I was in that category)…while the girls with nothing to cover would wear them just for “fun.”

Side note: Perhaps some of you have heard me reference my “childhood best friend” from time to time…Katy [Hudson] Perry…? We were a year apart at Santa Barbara Christian School in junior high. I have this distinct memory of us changing for PE in the girls’ bathroom, wherein she lifted up her PE shirt to show not one, but two bras on, claiming, “My boobs are so big, I have to wear two bras at once!” So just to set the record straight, I wasn’t the girl she kissed, but she did flash me in junior high.

So there I am running the mile on a beat-up field full of gopher holes and puddles, and near lap four, I glance around and realize that I am one of only two people left still running. And the other girl is about to cross the finish line. And I am behind her. AND SHE IS WEARING A BACK BRACE. If that doesn’t scream, “Give up already! You are not a runner!” to an already insecure 13-year-old girl, I don’t what does…

Now I’m 25, and I just this last year began to mend my broken bond with running. It started with a trip to Lululemon and the purchase of this bra. I had foolishly sworn off this store previously as over-priced and over-zealous, created for the people who do yoga up to three times a day. And then I found myself all but drowning in a social circle of Lululemon believers and testimonies. So I ventured into the store – petrified, mind you – and bought this tank and the aforementioned sports bra. Which is solid as a rock…and yet bizarrely comfortable. And now I run. At least every other day. Not impressively fast, and not amazingly far – but that’s still running. And Lord help me if I don’t get my money’s worth out of that $50 sports bra and burn some major calories in the process.

I doubt they’d ever quote this in Fitness Magazine, but sometimes looking fantastic and spending unholy amounts of $$$ on athletic attire is by far the best motivation to sweat. Whatever it takes, right Ami?
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Travel Thoughts – L.A.

  • Is it me or does anybody else instantly feel fancy and imporant when they’re in big cities?
  • I feel like this when I’m in NYC too.
  • Oh hay-ell yeah it’s 76 degrees out! Suck it, Louisville weather.
  • Subcompact car rental – $40. Not bad.
  • Getting the huge, free upgrade because of lack of subcompacts! SCORE.
  • Hello lots of buttons!
  • I kind of wish it were cold for a few minutes so I could enjoy the heated seats. Dang.
  • Holy cow, I’m going the speed limit! Yay for everybody moving!
  • I can’t believe I just went 5 miles on the 405 with no traffic! Woo hoo!
  • Jesus H. Christ, I hate traffic in this damn city.
  • Having family that lives 2 blocks from the Pacific kicks ASS.
  • Very lucky I have cool in-laws.
  • Yay beach time. I’m also a slightly darker shade of Ivory.
  • Yay for new Lulu pants and top!
  • Holy shit, I just got from Redondo Beach to West Hollywood in 35 minutes.
  • I must be lucky.
  • I heart Barry’s Bootcamp. You should go. My photo is up on the wall still!
  • Not my first hike in LA, but my first hike to the Hollywood sign!
  • Yay for meeting other bloggers! I love Tash from The Chirpy Bird. Follow her, she’s Fantastic!
  • She says “fanTAStic” a lot in her cute little Australian accent.
  • Holy shit, I just went from Hollywood to Redondo Beach in 40 minutes. At 2pm.
  • That’s not luck, that’s MAD driving skill.
  • Car rental back 2 minutes late. No charge for a second day. Whew.
  • Oh Hey, Lance Bass.
  • Jimmy Fallon is following me on Twitter! Holy Crap!
  • I’m pretty sure all of this means I’m a celebrity now.
  • 2 and a half days is not long enough. Missing 3 very important people! Next time though.
  • Onto San Diego!
image via my iPhone : )
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Gift Ideas for the Active!

The Holidays are upon us! Here are some of my favorite items that make wonderful gifts for the active person you’re gift-searching for:
TRX – duh. Because it’s all about body-weight training, functional/multi-planar movement, versatility, and efficiency. Need a 20 minute kick-ass workout? No biggie. Have a shoulder injury? Bring it on! (You’re in charge of resistance!) Don’t have a gym membership? Pshaw! You don’t need one! This is what you need. Price Range: $189+. Buy it. They’re %20 off with free shipping until December 12th when you type the code TRXMAS at checkout.

Vibram Five Fingers – because your feet were made to move, not be still in some crazy shoe. And since it’s publically banned (in most places) to cruise around barefoot, people need these!
Exclaimer: Don’t buy these for anybody with foot issues (joint/skeletal) or for running on concrete/asphalt. They won’t help. I wrote about these a while back. Price range: $70-$80. Buy it.
Heart Rate Monitor – Because you need to know what you’re training zones are and if you’re staying in them. The monitor helps you to train correctly and safely! Prices range from $50-$400, if you’re crazy. I wrote about it a while back. Buy it.

iPod Shuffle – Because people need motivation! And music is the best kind! And because iPhones are HUGE and don’t belong on your arm. These guys are tiny and they clip on to your shirt/pants. Price: $50. Buy it.

Workout clothing gift cards! – Don’t go purchasing clothing for anybody. You have no idea what they want or how they need things to feel for their particular training. So gift card them! My top workout lines: Lululemon Athletica, Under Armour, Reebok. Price Range: However much you want!
Happy shopping!
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