Last Week’s Jams

If you follow me on Instagram, none of these photos are new,
but if you don’t…

These things were my JAM last week
(…and this past weekend)!
Having Bonna’s B Party! 
(more details on that later)
Me, Bonna, Amanda
Getting in a workout Saturday, hill sprints with Chris Tuesday, 
2 hours of climbing with my college buddy, Noble, on Friday, 
and a BEAST mode workout alone Sunday. 
Some serious sun-spot time with Tang and Church:
(that are in NO WAY healthy)
Getting to hang with Mariah’s brand new son, Chase! 
Watching a shit-ton of basketball, while lying on the couch w/ Willie & Emmy
and lastly, and most importantly: 
getting REALLY REALLY lucky totally kicking my man-friend’s ass
in our NCAA Tournament Bracket competition*. 
What’s your JAM right now?

*probably just jinxed the hell out of myself for the remaining games
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My Favorite Song in 1996:

Goodness. Do you guys remember how AWESOME this song was/is? It’s on a couple of my workout playlists. Did this video make anybody else really excited to go to summer camp and kiss a boy underwater? I was under the impression, after watching this video 1,000 times, that’s what happened when you went to summer camp.
I went to summer camp the following summer with my hopes up:
Letdown #1. All girls camp. No kiss underwater for this chica.
Letdown #2. No tire swings over the lake. What the heck?!
Letdown #3. Picturing yourself singing with your friends, around the bonfire at a lake, in a half-top, looking like a young Mariah Carey is fun. In all actuality, I was a gangly 12 year old in an american flag, one-piece swimsuit, on the dock, trying to fold my towel into a miniskirt… not really the same thing. Oh well, it was fun anyway.
Congrats to Mariah on her upcoming twins. Sista’s acted a bit cray-cray these past couple years, but she seems happy now, so cheers to her.
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