Filling this out… because it’s Monday and that’s all I got.

…and a fun photo. Because sometimes you need a little something like this to get you into blogger mode.


Outline snagged from Bridget. She even posted it today… I’m copying same day… #facepalm


Making: Orzo Pasta is on the menu tonight. Quick and easy! Also because I never posted the recipe on here (like I promised some peeps I would do) and need to take photos.

Drinking: Lemonade… because Summer.

Reading: Still trying to get through “The Dragon’s Triangle,” but thinking about breaking my book rules and skipping ahead to “Wild.”  Need to read that ish before the movie comes out soon.

Wanting: The temperature to drop below 90 degrees… I’m all for summer hanging around, I just want to be able to play outside for more than 10 minutes, and be able to breathe at the same time.

Watching: Still trying to get caught up on Grey’s. I heard Burke came back so trying to get to that point. Only 15 episodes to go. sigh.

Eating: Funfetti cupcakes (minus the Rainbow Chip icing that Betty Crocker has discontinued) that my BFF made for my birthday last week.

Smelling: My laundry being finished… mmm, dryer sheets.

Wanting: A new travel mug for my tea. My morning routine has been thrown off since my last one (stupid $27 Heine Bros thermos that I got while trying to be all “buy local”) broke.

Enjoying: The fact that I had a great long weekend home last weekend. AND I get another one this weekend! Already planning on getting another 11 hours of sleep Friday and Saturday night again.

Loving: The fact that I’m an adult (I’m grown!) and didn’t have to go back to school last week. Such a cruel way to spend the rest of August, sitting in a classroom. It’s crazy that the first day keeps creeping further into August each year. The kids went back on the 13th here! Thumbs down.

Hoping: That my next ballet class will be better than today’s. We were strapped for time because of a delay, but there’s never a time when it’s ok for the barre warm-up to go 1) Plies. 2) Fondus. 3) Frappes 4). Battements. 5) Long stretch. Am I right?! (need some validation from other ballet dancers here…)

Needing: To find a widget that will post all the blogs I read onto a handy little list in my sidebar. I miss mine that I had when I was using Blogger. Can anybody recommend a good one?

Feeling: Hot. There’s no other feeling right now, in this heat, other than “hot as balls.” No matter where you are, it’s just hot.

Wearing: This new “Earn It” tank top that TRX came out with last week! I’ll post the link when it’s available online. 



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