Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom is awesome. There’s so much good in her I can’t even begin to tell you. 
I mean… she raised me and I turned out pretty kickass. 
; ) 
I am everything I am because of her. 
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 
And this awesome video is for all the awesome mothers out there
(and anybody else that’s in a “mom” role) 
from Kid President: 

Also sending out lovely thoughts to those who have lost their mothers
and those who long to be mothers but aren’t:
those dealing with infertility, miscarriages, or have experienced the loss of a child.
Today is SO great for most, but SO hard for others.


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Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother is the ish. 
I was going to do this big sappy post, 
but as I was looking for photos of us, 
I couldn’t help but realize how much we change our hair color. 
So that’s what this post will entail. 
Sweet, I know.

These are the various shades we’ve chosen over the years:  
My natural blonde (with some really bad blonde) roots. 

But seriously folks… 
I love my mom more than anything in the world. 
She’s never been anything but supportive of everything I’ve ever done…
even when it’s involved things like moving far away from her. 
Thanks for everything, mom. I LOVE YOU! 
And here’s a video that may make you cry. 
Just in time for today. 
And the summer olympics. 
Oh and this one too. 
I can’t wait to be a mom 
…one day. 
That wasn’t me telling you I was preggo. 
’cause I’m not. 
That would be awkward. 
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