Being grateful…

“Nothing is more revealing than movement.” ~ Martha Graham
I’ve always ridden in cars with my feet on the dashboard. (A weird start to a post, I know. Bear with me though…) Even now… I drive around with my left foot up, settled on the space between the dash and the driver’s side window. It’s comfy, but I always end up taking my leg down after a few minutes. 
When I was younger I remember riding around with my feet up as usual and my mother saying “You’d better keep your feet down. If we were to get into an accident your legs would be broken and you wouldn’t be able to dance for a long time.” Wow. Way to freak me the F out, Mom. 
But she was right. And that’s what I always think about when driving around with my left leg up. I noticed myself doing it again today while driving my rental car back to the airport in Atlanta. The car in front of me tried to change lanes without looking, almost hit the car next to him, and swerved back wildly. Luckily, I was far enough back that it didn’t affect me too much and I was able to slow down before being in his pathway. It got me thinking though… what if? What if he’d just hit me and sent me into the wall while my leg was up on the dash? What if I’d broken my leg or pelvis? What if I’d been paralyzed?  What if it wasn’t that dramatic but as a result I couldn’t move as well afterwards because of it? That’s a really scary thought… 
Movement is such a HUGE part of my life. I move every day, in a bunch of different ways; teaching fitness classes, showing my clients proper form in their workouts, taking a dance class, taking Tango for a run, or just bouncing along when my favorite song (that week) comes on the radio. 
I have to remind myself, 
in this moment, 
that it’s a GIFT to be able to move 
and move well
“There are movements which impinge upon us the nerves with a strength that is incomparable, for movement has power to stir the senses and emotions, unique in itself.” ~ Doris Humphrey

For my physical and emotional well-being I need to move. So why waste my days lying around doing nothing (with the exception of rest/recovery days)? What if I were in a sudden accident and not physically able to move?! My TRX friend, Zen recently said “Your privilege of movement is perishable.” And he’s absolutely right. 
While I’m sitting here waiting for my flight I find myself internally whining a little about how sore I am from the week. I’ve trained others, trained myself, taught an 8 hour TRX Rip Training course yesterday and am teaching an 8 hour TRX Suspension Training Course tomorrow in Detroit. Makes me tired just thinking about it… But then I remind myself that I could be sitting here without the ability to be sore at all. Without the option to move or not move tomorrow. 
So today, I will be grateful that I’m able to move and move well. 
I’ll cherish the moments that I have to make my body stronger,  
and give it the best nourishment and attention possible to make it thrive.  
…and stretch like a mutha tonight. 
; ) 
What are you grateful of in this moment? 
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Make It Count, (bitches)

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A this week. I’ve just completed 4 crazy days of training at TRX Headquarters in San Fran. After multiple workouts, several presentations, and too few hours of sleep, I’m BEAT. But getting to hang out with SF friends is making up for it… even if they’re making me watch football. (I hate football)

BUT I just saw this Nike commercial
and it made me want to jump up and down
How are you going to move this week?
However you do it,
Make It Count
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Body Power

So I saw this video on Facebook about two minutes ago, shared by my friends and TRX colleagues, Fraser Quelch and Hayley Hollander. It’s INSANE to know what your body has the power to do. Watch and enjoy. And remember to pick up your jaw when you’re done. Thanks.

When you’re working out, think about the MOVEMENT you want to do, not the muscle group you want to target. Multi-planar movement is what your body does. Train it every way possible.
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