A teeny bridge… and Movie Quote Trivia!

Found these photos on my phone and had to share them…because it’s a slow news day. 

And I’m wondering if anybody out there knows as much useless trivia knowledge as I do. 
Namely movie quote trivia…
My roomie and I were walking the dogs about a month ago and decided to cruise to a different section of the ‘hood. I saw this TINY bridge that somebody had in their yard – so that you could effectively get from one side of the drainage ditch to the other, without falling in. I thought it was hilarious because somebody actually purchased this (or built it) to place there. Specifically. The other funny thing: there was a HUGE ditch one block over that actually needed a bridge. This little one, not so much. Then it reminded me of one of my favorite movies as a kid and a memorable quote: 

“This ain’t exactly the Mississippi. I’m on one side. I’m on the other side.”

“I’m on the east bank. I’m on the west bank.” 

“It’s not that critical.” 
Haha. Comment if you know it!
(without googling it)
If you need some help, 
“We don’t pay no tolls, then we don’t eat no rolls.” 
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Things That Are My Jam This Week

We had this little event called THE KENTUCKY DERBY 
on Saturday. It was kinda fun. And I won $190. Woot! 
But I drank a lot of bourbon over that week… #feltthatforafewdays
Blue Steele

It rained for 4 days straight but we had the most 
PERFECT weather Tues-Thurs. 
Tango and I had some sah-weet evening walks. 
The Sandlot. On dvd. 
This has always been one of my faves and I’ve never been 
able to find it in stores. #yourekillinmesmalls
Amazon to the rescue! 
And THIS video. 
I can’t… the CUTENESS… I just can’t. 
Watch it. 
Happy Friday, guys! 
What was your jam this week? 
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yes, please

i’m ok with this movie coming out soon… 
but i’d be even better if it came out today. 
can i get an amen?
i helped my boyfriend, matthew mcconaughey train for this movie
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It’s Complicated

Have you SEEN this movie? I’m sure you have because it’s from 2009 and I’m always behind on movies, but I watched it last night on my death flight home from New Jersey and had to say it was the highlight of my weekend. I can’t even explain how great a cast this was. Meryl! Steve! Alec! John Krasinski! Home run for sure. If you haven’t seen it, Netflix that ish right now. I don’t even know why it took me so long to see it in the first place. Yes I do. I didn’t know what it was about because we don’t have cable and I never saw a trailer. Whose insane idea was it to not have cable again?! Mine. I’m an idiot.

It made me miss Santa Barbara terribly, but I’m thinking of heading back for a quick trip when I come back to Southern California at the end of March. Ah spring.
image via
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The Black Swan

I can’t wait to see this! I watched a few interviews with Natalie Portman this week. I love how she talks about all the training she did for this movie, ballet-wise and fitness-wise. The soreness, the exhaustion, the bloody feet. It’s brutal training, but dancers make it look easy. Hell yes.
Plus, this movie is directed by the same man that did The Wrestler and Requiem For a Dream. Intense. Can’t wait…
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Christmas Movie Time

I love Christmas movies. ALL Christmas movies. Even the cheeseball ones on the Hallmark Channel. It’s hard to find one I don’t love. During the holidays I usually search the DVR for anything related to Christmas and record it. That way, when I have a free hour, one will always be on hand. Too bad we don’t have cable/dvr right now. Whose stupid idea was it to just get internet while we’re in the rental house?! Damnit.
Now it’s hard for me to pick just one favorite Christmas movie, but I’ll give you my top 5. And I’ll do it like a countdown. It’s more dramatic that way…
#5. The Holiday: This is such a new one, but I could watch it a hundred times in a row. Actually, I watched it twice the other day. Thank you, TBS.

#4. Elf: There are just too many one-liners. It makes my tongue swell up and I feel all warm inside ; )

#3. White Christmas: Bing and Danny, Rosemary and Vera. Singing! Dancing! “Snooooooow.” I think I should have been a 1940s/50s entertainer.

#2. Christmas Vacation: ‘nough said. My husband had never actually seen this whole movie when we moved in together. No wonder he always looked at me funny when I told him his bonus was actually a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club…

And my #1, All-Time Favorite, Could Watch A Million Times In A Row-Christmas Movie is….

drumroll, please. “ddddddddddddddddd”

Smoky Mountain Christmas!!!!!
Dolly Parton and Lee Majors! You can’t go wrong. What? You’ve never seen it? What? You’ve never even heard of it? Pshaw. It’s great, trust me. And they’ve finally put it on DVD! So I can own it and stop scouring the CMT schedule to see when it’ll be on. Yesssss.

Happy movie watching, happy Monday!
And remember, it’s your last day to score %25 off, FREE shipping, and a free workout download for a TRX! Use code TRXMAS at this link to get the discounts!
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Local Love – The Louisville Palace

This post has nothing to do with fitness, but everything to do with how much I love my hometown and all the cool things to do in it.
I love all things local, especially when they are traditions you’ve grown up with. Originally built in 1928, the Louisville Palace theatre is one of the oldest currently operating theatres in Louisville. With its incredibly ornate interior, the Palace shoots you back in time and makes any viewing there feel like the coolest evening you’ve ever had. While it makes an insane concert venue, it also hosts one of the coolest summer events in the city: The Classic Movie Series.

Through the summer months, they play all kinds of old, classic movies but they always do a Hitchcock Series as well. A different movie plays every weekend. They’ll show everything from Psycho to Marnie to North by Northwest. On the marquis this weekend?
The Man Who Knew Too Much – Starring the ever dapper James Stewart and the gorgeous Doris Day.
Not only is all of this mind-blowingly cool, but to add to it: tickets are only $5!
I love Louisville! Happy Weekend!
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