Moving On…

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

My Aunt Mary sent me that quote last week on Pinterest and said it reminded her of me.  It was kind of perfect timing, even though she didn’t know my plans. Travel has always been such a big part of my life. It has helped mold me into the person I am. The past few years though have been mostly business trips instead of exploration trips though, and it’s time for some change…

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It’s been 4 and a half years since I made the move from San Diego back to my hometown of Louisville, KY. In that time my teaching/presenting work has tripled, I launched my TRX bootcamp, and really got to enjoy my time back with the people I grew up with. While it’s been insanely wonderful to have done so much and to have spent so much time with my family and close friends who live here, it’s time to move on.

I love moving cities. The thrill of meeting and finding new friends, exploring a new city and all it has to offer, plus, just starting all over from scratch is a process I’ve always enjoyed. It’s almost like a fun challenge to see if I can “make it” wherever I end up…

Spending some much needed time (time meaning more than a weekend or week) with my man-friend and the boys up in Canada is high on the list of priorities, but I also have some tentative plans for Colorado, Utah, and California. I don’t have the details hammered out just yet, but I’m really looking forward to it.

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What happens now: I will continue my bootcamp through the end of March, to give it two more full months, and to allow my bootcampers the full 60 days to use their remaining classes. (Bootcampers you’ve been sent a newsletter today with details!) I will continue Personal Training through the end of April to allow my clients 3 more months of attention and programming to really get them set up to take on their health/fitness on their own, or to get them set with other trainers in the area. I’ll be working a TON during February and March but plan on only taking personal training clients in April to prepare for mine and Tango’s departure here after Derby in May. Then Tango and I will spend 1 -3 months (depending) being nomads until we decide where we’d like to settle. I have a feeling it will be west.

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Leaving always sucks, but I find with enough notice it’s not as painful. Having 3 months to celebrate with all the ones I love most will allow me to leave with a sense of fulfillment. Plus, this is my hometown so I’ll be back regularly. I already have a wedding to attend at the end of August so it won’t be long…

So there it is. The plan is out there.

I always hate leaving my friends and family but I know there is more out there to see and do, so I’m off.

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Moving Tips!

Fact: Moving sucks.*
‘Nother fact: Tons of people throw out their backs moving/ lifting heavy things simply because they do it incorrectly.
Bending at the hips to lift: BAD!
Bending at the knees to lift: GOOD!
Tip #1. Bend your knees, keep your chest up and your back flat. You want your hips low!
Tip #2. Use smaller boxes so you don’t overfill, making it too heavy to lift in the first place.
Tip #3. If you’re not sure or have back issues already, hire movers and let them do the work while you sip on a margarita at your new place. : )
*you’re lucky i had to move last week in order to take these awesome photos…
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Moving day!

So we had a quick, fun trip to Virginia Beach this weekend (more about that later) and got home fast to view a house for rent. 10 minutes later, we had a deal and a lease! YAY!

No more living with family members (even though it was fun, for a sec, we love you and are glad to leave you)! No more sharing a yard for Tango! No more playing Musical Vehicles when we all have to park around each other.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy week trying to move in between all my appointments, clients, and classes. So I’ll be on here as much as possible… until then, have a great, short week!

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Bittersweet Change

So it is official: We are leaving. My husband, Conrad (pictured here) and I are leaving San Diego and making our way east. We have found jobs in Louisville, Kentucky and will be relocating in 3 weeks! A tough decision to make but one that we think will end up being the best for us in the long run. We’ll be getting closer to some family but farther away from other family. We’ll miss the beach and the great friends we’ve made but are looking forward to re-connecting with old friends and making new ones. My friends, Jason and Jenn Burton have a quote on their website from Helen Keller that sums it up perfectly. “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

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