Running Fail (warning: blood)

Me and my client, Nikki 
were doing some cardio intervals today. 
It’s gorgeous out so we ran 1/4 mile intervals 
through the ‘hood between sets…
and then I tripped.
 And fell.
The really awkward kind of fall, 
where your limbs flail about uncontrollably, 
and there’s NOTHING you can do to 
The results: 
Not too bad on the left knee
The left shoulder,
thank goodness for neosporin. 
The left elbow
Right thumb… 
I have no idea. 

And the piéce de résistance:
My right palm. 
And if you’ll notice something interesting;
The white circle inside the wound 
is a scar from falling 
5 years ago. 

Now it’s going to be a bigger scar. 
Always aim higher, right? 
And this is Nikki, 
being awesome and helping me bandage myself. 

(don’t judge me by these shorts… it’s a weird angle. swear.)
I’m impressive. 
Happy Friday! 
Watch out for raised bits in the sidewalk. 
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