Upcoming Travel Destinations…

I have a lot of travel coming up. 
Mostly for work, but one trip for fun!
Where will I be?
Nashville, TN
Banff, Canada
Brooklyn, NY
Cleveland, OH
Washington D.C.
Chicago, IL
Will I be in your neck of the woods?
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Birthday, NYC, Guest Teaching, etc

Today is my 29th Birthday! 
more on that later… 
I’m in NYC for the weekend
and STOKED to be guest teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp 
in TriBeCa today. 
If you’re in the area and want to be a BEAST today, 
come see me at 10am, 11:15am, and 3pm. 
it’ll be fun… 
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Things That Were My Jam Last Week…

This new blue coat that’s incredibly warm:

Skiing for the first time in a year,

with some of my favorite peeps
This fireplace, which was the first thing I turned on 
when I arrived in my room every day. 
Getting to hang in NYC with my TRX buds
and a dancer bud (Annie)
This piece of chocolate cake: 
This book (which caused me to cry in Toys R Us)
If you’ve never read it, you should. Just maybe not in public…

My friend, Mariah
who is still TRX Bootcampin’ it at 34 weeks. 
This cool way to check the weather on the hotel
hallway mirror before heading outside
And this Super Bowl ad: 
Yep… that about sums it up. 
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The best photos of me, ever. Obviously…

Since I promised you I’d post some photos of our dress-up-dance-costume-party in NYC last weekend… here ya go:

Annie, Me. You wish you had socks like these.
Jeff… I can’t show you his dress up photos. Inappropriate.
Even this little guy got in on the action
You’re welcome.
I’m heading out to North Carolina (“c’mon and raise up! take your shirt off, twist it ’round your head, spin it like a helicopta!”) tomorrow to teach a TRX Certification and will be back late Sunday. Ya’ll enjoy your weekend! Holla : )
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Travel Thoughts NYC/Stamford CT

warning: this is a long one.

  • “let’s hear it for Neeeew Yooooooooooork. concrete jungle where dreams are maaaaade of, there’s nothin you caaaaan’t do”
  • I always get songs stuck in my head when I travel.
  • I love that my friend, Annie lives 1.2 miles away from LGA. I can drive and NOT get stuck in traffic.
  • Annie is the ish. Dance stories from college days in Pittsburgh never get old. Ever.
  • try on costumes for your next performance? oh yes. photos to come…
  • yay for Irish pubs. The bartender just hooked me up with a hand-drawn map of places to go/not to go in Ireland for our trip next month. Sah-weet.
  • iTrans NYC app is THE best for getting around in NYC. I don’t have to stand there looking like a tourist when I’m getting around this city.
  • how many times have I been to NY? a million.
  • how many times have I seen the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Bldg? 0.
  • I gotta get my tourist on one of these days…
  • 10 pm is way too late for me to head out to a party. But this is NY so I’m rallying. And I haven’t seen my friend Travis for 2 years.
  • how in the hell do people sleep on subways and still manage to wake up when their stop is up?!
  • so sleepy. keep eyes open. good thing my stop is the last one on the line.
  • Hey there 6am. Stamford, CT here I come.
  • Forgot wallet! F@#%!!!!!! Turn around, fly back inside. grab wallet. run back out.
  • can’t they just put up a sign that says how many tollbooths are coming up and how much they each are? helps me prep.
  • TRX course went well. New instructors are now certified. Booyah.
  • my buddy Ben just happens to be in Stamford with his Mom! 1 mile away from this gym!
  • small world. 2 minute hello then back to NY.
  • I forget that my rental cars never have tinted windows, like my car.
  • DON’T pick your nose. people will see you.
  • let’s rally to go out tonight! or let’s watch War of the Worlds and Cash Cab all piled up on the couch. better.
  • dancer friends are awesome. they’re just different. it’s like an entirely different species of people. this makes me want to move to NY to dance with them.
  • almost.
  • another late night. another early morning. 7am flights on Sunday suck.
  • short lines at LaGuardia security do not suck. maybe I’ll keep having early flights…
  • so long, NY.
  • being home at 11am on Sunday in order to enjoy the day, hike with Tango, Sarah, and Dasher rules.
  • 3 hour nap later…
  • sunburn. color. ready for the week ahead.
  • deep breath.
image found here.
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Coast to Coast… to Coast

So here’s my January:
13th-15th: Los Angeles, CA – For the In-Laws and the L.A. friends.

16th-18th: San Diego, CA – For the Friends and the SUN. Image via

21st-23rd: Newark, NJ – For the NYC friends, the Shore, and the TRX Trainers. Image via
28th-30th: New Orleans, LA – For the TRX Trainers and my own exploration… Image via

Am I near you? Wanna work out?
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Travel Thoughts – NYC

Normally I would list all my thoughts on my trip this weekend, but there were just too many and you would get tired of reading them and be over me. And un-follow me. Well, if you even follow me to begin with…

NYC was amazing, as always. It was cold, but actually not as bad as I had anticipated. I got to stay with my friend, Annie, who I danced with in college, catch up with her, and hang with our friend, Jeff who is Annie’s BFF and also went to the same college.
My course was a bit crazy Friday but turned out great as usual. It was also located right across the street from a very large H & M. I was this close to going over on our lunch break, but knew I’d probably be in there way too long, so I resisted. Besides, I need to shop for Christmas gifts, not things for myself.
I got to see my friend, Marcus who I’ve told you about before. We were supposed to go out dancing but since I was sick, I could barely do anything so we didn’t. I’m sorry, Marcus! I’m also sorry I didn’t text you when I got back home that night (he worries about me and the subway alone). I DID text you, I just didn’t send the text. I was tired!
And thank you to my new iPhone app, iTrans NYC. It made navigating the city subways and buses way easy and I’m pretty sure I looked like a local… not a confused tourist with a perplexed look on her face, trying to decide which train to take and which side of the platform to stand on. Oh yes. Call me a New Yorker. Pshaw.
No shopping or shows as it was a very quick trip. I had to get back for a wedding last night.
P.S. You’ve got a very fun wedding dance video coming soon!
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Travel Thoughts – Jersey

*I had no idea Newark was so close to NYC. Next time I’ll come early to mingle/dance/shop.

*Yay for getting to spend 4 hours in NYC!
*Thank you, Lululemon Soho for my new black Dance Studio II pants. Love them.
*NJ has was too many toll booths on the Turnpike.
*They should have signs that tell you how much moo-lah you’re gonna have to fork over.
*Good thing I paid for our dinner with my card and Marcus gave me cash, or else I would not have even had $ for the tolls. Whew!
*Why the heck are there SO MANY forks in the road here? There’s one every mile, I swear.
*I’d heard this myth that in NJ the attendants pump your gas for you.
*It’s not a myth, it’s true! What’s the etiquette here? Do you tip them?
*Trip alert texts are awesome to tell you your flight has been delayed.
*Except for when they lie. It’s a good thing I went to the gate anyway. Flight on time. Whew.
*People in NJ are surprisingly nicer than I would have imagined.
*Love the spin class poster at the gym: “Ride it like you stole it!” Clever and witty.
*The trainers I trained this weekend are awesome. My job rules.
*The Mercury Milan is a really nice rental car: heated seats and a TON of buttons to push. Yes!
*Drawback: too many buttons make it difficult to find the button you need, while driving.
*I think the lady at the Avis counter exploited the fact that she has a foreign accent.
*One car, one day + 3 hours +a ton of coverage I didn’t ask for = $364. Bitch.
*My plane didn’t crash. Success.
*Back home with my boys. Sweet.
*Boston this weekend. Bring it.
image via sheknows.com
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TRX Travel – New Jersey!

So this weekend, I’ll be teaching the TRX Group Course certification in New Jersey. Woot woot!
A couple photos from my course in Texas last month…

Added Bonus: My buddy and fellow Fitness Instructor Extraordinaire*, Marcus Jackson, lives in NJ so we’re going to connect today, grab some lunch, visit the local Lululemon, and catch up… before I have to drive to Bayville.

If you live in New York City and belong to a gym, chances are, Marcus teaches a class there. He teaches 35 classes at a million different gyms EVERY WEEK in NYC. He’s fantastic! Check out your group schedule and look for him!
Enjoy your weekend!
*that’s what I call myself. so what?
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