This photo has nothing to do with this post. I just think it’s AWESOME.
I have a dilemma: I have this weekend OFF. As in no work, no travel, no events, O.F.F.
Here are the things happening this weekend that I want* to do:
1. Brother and friends going to lake to break in the new boat.
2. Other friends going to a different lake for 3-day houseboat trip/par-tay.
3. Dad’s pool is open and ready for me to lay in it.
4. Gay Pride weekend here in the ville. I love Pride weekends. Anywhere.
5. My friend, Ben Sollee, performing at the local amphitheater.
6. San Diego is just sitting there, waiting for me to use my free plane ticket to visit it.
On one hand, I should probably lay the F down and not move. On the other hand I want to see all the friends/family I’ve been missing lately because I’ve been gone every weekend since the middle of May. What’s a girl to do?!
*I should let you know that I’m like a 5 year old when it comes to wanting to do everything. You remember when you were playing outside with all your friends and you had to come in for dinner?! And how excruciating it was to eat fast because everybody else was outside playing and you were going to miss something?! Well for me it was. That’s how I feel if I miss out on something. Still. It’s sad.
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