What’s Been Goin’ On…

One of my #BeABeast resolutions was to do 20 pull-ups. 
This is where I’m at so far:
My goal is 20 without stopping. So far I’m at 7 (even though I did 9 the other day).
Ignore those couple where I don’t go down all the way… ; )
This was me in Texas last weekend. 
Outside. In a t-shirt! Enjoying 75 degrees : ) 
Not my best work. I know.

This was the group I trained: 
This is my morning TRX bootcamp class, killing it this week. 
This is my friend, Scotty D 
who just said “F you” to his corporate job to go travel the world. 
Check out his new blog documenting his ish.
He’s headed your way, Australia and New Zealand!
Here are a couple of the local lululemon chicas, 
Caroline and Mhyria, 
that take my TRX bootcamp and rock it out! 
Guess who the latest Louisville Lulu Ambassador is?! 
; ) 
And this is me being glad there’s at least sunshine. 
It’s been SO cold lately. And everybody’s sick.
I’m over it. 
BUT there’s sun. #GladGame
What’s been goin’ on with you guys? 
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Let’s Be Instagram Buds, k?

Since I’ve been lying in bed for 2 days, I’ve been wasting spending a lot of time on the internet and I realized that I don’t follow nearly enough people on Instagram. I love Instagram! And I love how you can so quickly cruise through and catch little glimpses of friends’ lives. Sooo send me your Instagram names, peeps!
 And follow me if you want! 
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One of those weeks…

So you know those weeks where you just don’t have anything to blog about? 
or you do… 
but don’t get around to it? 
It’s one of those weeks for me. 
PLUS, I leave for the ATL tomorrow
so I’ve got 2 bootcamps, 
several clients, 
and a shit ton of other work 
to cram into 3 days.
What does this mean? 
Very few posts from this girl. 
I do have
2 Random photos: 
Exhibit A: 
My very preggo client, Julie, 
who is getting cuter by the week 
(even though she’s miserably pregnant). 
Exhibit B: 
My trying to work from the couch
and getting sleepy company. 
Count the cats…
Sleeping cats all around you makes it hard to stay awake. 
Especially while working… 
: ) 
Happy Humpday!
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Beach Plank

I spent most of my weekend in the Bahamas just layin’ around…
Happy Sunday.
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Tango Friday

Us at the park
Ran through mud
like he’s OUT of his
damn mind.
He was asleep
right before I took this.
It’s like they know as soon as you grab your camera.
Or phone.
Alright kiddos. I’m headed to Cinci tomorrow morning, NYC tomorrow night, New Canaan, CT Sunday morning, and back to the ‘ville on Monday. Holla.
And Happy Friday!
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Featured! Today’s Woman Magazine

I couldn’t decide wether to use my Blue Steel or my Magnum…
so I flipped a coin.
Blue Steel it was.
You can check out Today’s Woman magazine here.
And read the article on pg. 44 here.
Thanks so much to Today’s Woman
and photographer Chet White for featuring me and my work.
All of this… and tomorrow is Friday.
It’s a good day.
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Instagram makes everything look cooler

I swear, I almost wish that I hadn’t dropped those few hundred bucks on my camara because I hardly ever use it anymore.Yay for the iPhone app, Instagram. I’m sure we’ll all be over it in a few months, but until then…

Me and Sarah (friend/boss)

Flowers she got me for my birthday

Cash curled up with my legs in bed, passed the F out

My bedside table/trunk

And the ever-handsome Tango

Good ones, huh? And I think that app’s $.99? Maybe it’s $1.99. Money well spent if you ask me. These are taken with the Lord Kelvin filter. Happy Tuesday, guys! Hope you’re being productive with your time today and not playing with your phones… ; )

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Stealing a kiss…

or not, because my dog clearly didn’t want one at that second. Note the lean away. Dangit. It’s a good thing Tango’s so cute… or I might have been offended. : )

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Somebody call Wilhemina!

Or Ford! Or Tyra! These photos need to go in a portfolio. ASAP.

Because everybody loves the windblown look…
And sultry sedcutive posing…
Fitness? Pshaw. I’ve found my new calling…
1. Wine tasting in Napa Saturday. 2. Zip lining last Thursday.
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The best photos of me, ever. Obviously…

Since I promised you I’d post some photos of our dress-up-dance-costume-party in NYC last weekend… here ya go:

Annie, Me. You wish you had socks like these.
Jeff… I can’t show you his dress up photos. Inappropriate.
Even this little guy got in on the action
You’re welcome.
I’m heading out to North Carolina (“c’mon and raise up! take your shirt off, twist it ’round your head, spin it like a helicopta!”) tomorrow to teach a TRX Certification and will be back late Sunday. Ya’ll enjoy your weekend! Holla : )
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