Beach Plank

I spent most of my weekend in the Bahamas just layin’ around…
Happy Sunday.
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Planking is my new favorite thing…

Have you guys heard of/ seen planking? It’s f’ing hilarious. Apparently it’s been big in Australia for quite some time. I just saw a photo album of kids doing it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and since then it’s like I’ve seen something about it every day. All you do is lie down (preferably in a random place) in a plank position with your arms by your side and your face down, body straight as a board. Then you take a photo of it and post it online for the whole world to see.

Doesn’t sound funny, but it totally is… Soooo last week, at a dinner at my roomie’s grandparents’ house, we decided to take some planking photos ourselves. Viola!
Me first on the balcony ledge:
Then my roomie, Tamara on the handrail:
(which is about an inch wide. she’s hardcore.)
Then me, her, Robbie, and Thomas on the stairs:
(my fave)
Then lastly, me on Tamara’s grandmother’s birdbath:
Oh yeah.
Don’t be an idiot about planking though.
#1. Don’t do it on a cop car. You’ll get arrested. Duh. (Happened)
#2. Don’t do it on anything extremely small/sharp. You’ll get impaled. (Happened)
#3. Don’t do it on anything unsturdy. You’ll break it/yourself. (Happened)
#4. For heaven’s sake, don’t do it on the balcony ledge on a 13th story apartment. You’ll fall and die. (Happened. I saw the news link. Thanks, Mick)
*None of these happened to us, just read that they happened on the internet… so they must be true.
And because this is a fitness blog (sometimes), you can get some muscular strength from planking! Regular planks, where you hold yourself up off the floor by your arms work the anterior (front) side of your body; abs, obliques, etc.. This kind of planking though works the posterior (back) side of your body; spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings, etc. So plank and hold it for about 30-60 seconds while you’re taking photos. : )
You can check out the 60 Best Planks here. #s 36 and 56 are my faves.
Have you planked?! Got any funny photos of it? Please send to me if you do!
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