Soooo I’m going to Italy today. NBD.

For all of you thinking I’ve got the best job in the world, one that sends me all over the world, think again. Mine is great, but just sends me on domestic trips. My man-friend has the one that sends him out internationally. He’s getting sent to Italy, all expenses paid. I’m just tagging along, thankfully on our airline miles and my credit card points! It’s a quick 5 day trip, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited beyond belief. Italy has been on my travel wish list for quite a few years now and I’m finally getting to go! And I’m most-likely going to pay for it in jet-lag currency for about the next two weeks. I was traveling all last weekend for work and only had Monday and Tuesday home before leaving this morning. This meant squeezing in clients, classes, and housework into 48 hours… which left me very little time to actually prep for my trip. All this (except for the nails) happened at about 11pm last night… 
Prep for Italy included the following: 
{Step 1}
Getting my nails done. 
I tried to pick the most “Italy” color I could find.

{Step 2}
Making a Pandora station of Dean Martin’s Mambo Italiano
so I could jam all night (and this morning) to cheesy  Italian  Italian-American songs… 

{Step 3}
Start the packing with the most vital item. 
{Step 4}
Trying on the important pieces of the wardrobe, 
i.e., the fancy dinner dresses. 
Thanks for this amazing dress, Amanda! 
{Step 5} 
Late night accessorizing.:

{Step 6}
 Refrain from opening the bottle Chianti…
 it was nearly midnight.

I’ll be back in a few days but am hoping to blog from there at least once! 
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