(pronounced “key-force”) 
This new fitness program is what I was learning 
when I went to Atlanta a couple weekends ago. 
Think body-weight strength training
with really fun music and high energy moves. 
Here’s a sneak peak: 
Look for it soon at your gym! 
Instructors looking to get QiForze certified, 
click here
The weekend in a nutshell:
Come in and find your seat

Rub elbows with the fitness instructor elite

Neon is in. Bitches. ; ) 

TRX representing! 

The whole gang after the first workout

Instructors from a bunch of different countries were there. 
My new BFF, Nicky, from the UK, living in Canada. 
Drinking my Bourbon and Ginger Ale (Kentucky). 
She didn’t like it… 

The lady behind it all: 
Leigh Crews

We are exhausted by day 3, 
Jessica needs caffeine. 
A lot of it. 

We’re DONE! 

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