2nd Annual Sipinski Memorial Day Weekend

Sorry I’ve been MIA… 
I’m not sorry. 
I had a DAMN great weekend and 
I don’t think anybody suffered too badly 
from me not posting for a few days. 
Remember this trip last year? 
Well it’s Mariah and Eric’s one year anniversary. 
So we all went back to celebrate. 
With them. 
’cause that’s the kind of friends we are. 
We stayed here: 

I did a lot of sleeping/reading here:

Drank/ate a lot of this:
Bourbon Slush

And did a lot of this:

Back and fully re-charged,
I’m ready for crazy work week.
Bring it. 

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Kentucky Lounging

Last week, this guy rode into Louisville 
on a stop on his 2 month motorcycle trip around the country. 
This is my buddy, Mark and his bike: 
He wanted a few days of lounging around, 
so being the great, accommodating host that I am,
I took a couple days off (sorta) and we did just that. 
Park walking, 
creek wading, 
rock skipping,
 back patio sitting,
 river road bike riding, 
Captain’s Quarters on the river, in the middle of the day: 

You don’t know this, but here’s a talent of mine: 
Classy, I know. 

And one of our evenings hanging with the dogs in the backyard… 
This is my thinking pose:

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Sunspots are my JAM

Sometimes you just need a quiet place to think… 
A warm, quiet place. 
Like the sunspot in your entryway, perhaps? 
T took this photo today…  
Anybody else like the sunspots in the floor? 
 Tang and I do!
This is from San Diego, a couple years ago… 
Sunspots are our JAM. 
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Pencil It In…

So I’ve so busy lately (thankfully) that I haven’t been able to get in any chill time. But what the H?! Yes, I said H. I’m trying to lay off the F word. And the F letter. I’ve had to resort to penciling in fun time/ social time/ me time/ date time now. Yeah, I’m that person. Whatever. I feel like that’s kind of lame, but it actually helps.

The other week I blocked out time on my day planner so I could go take a yoga class and chill out/stretch. It felt great. Last night I was able to attend a friend’s birthday dinner because I moved my clients up and refused to see another one. Today I blocked out time to have lunch with girlfriends I hadn’t seen in years.
I mean what else was I going to do? Work or clean house? Pshaw.
It’s weird but it’s the only way to keep a little balance in my life. If I didn’t block out the time, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy yoga, or see friends. Work hard, play hard. Balance, baby!
image via
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Mellow (not really) weekend.

So I have trouble doing nothing. I love to lay around, don’t get me wrong, but when I don’t have plans, I tend to get plans very quickly.

For example, the hubs was out of town this weekend. I think to myself, “Yes! I’ve got ALL weekend to lay around and do NOTHING!”
So Friday, after work, I have lunch with my mom and take the Tang over to play with Dasher.
Saturday I take a trip down to my Dad’s farm with a couple of friends. Then drive to Lexington to see girlfriends from college and their babies.
Sunday I clean the entire house, pick up my new couch and chair (photos to come, eek!), rearrange my living room, make a pie, and cook dinner.
There went my nice, relaxing weekend of nothing. Oh well. I got cute photos out of it. Thanks, again, to Mr. Delatorre!
Me and Tango on the creek at my dad’s farm.
Amador and Stacey – not paying attention.
The Tang loves his car rides…
Photos to come of my new living room. Finally. Hope you had a great weekend!
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Book Buzz – Committed

So I finished Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert on the plane this past weekend and LOVED it. Everybody that’s been married, getting married, or thinking that maybe, one day, they’ll be married should read this book.

Side note – If you’re about to get married, like in the next couple days or so, don’t start reading it unless you’re sure you can finish it before the Big Day. Some parts can make you freak for a second, but you’ve gotta finish the whole thing to get it.

Anywho, this book is kind of like the sequel to Eat ,Pray, Love. If you haven’t read that, you can still pick this up, no problem. But you kind of appreciate her story more if you know what she went through prior to getting to this place in her life.

As somebody who never saw myself actually getting married, I identified A LOT with the author of this book. There are a ton of things you have come to peace with in order to get married, or at least I did… Especially when you’re super independent. And partially just very stubborn and used to running your life without interruption. Oh, I always love fairy-tale romances and could watch chick-flicks every day of my life, but the real thought of getting married just never seemed to be one of those things I actually thought would happen. But I’m VERY happy with my hubs and VERY glad I’m married now.

So now that it’s getting colder out, grab a blanket and get cozy with this guy (the book, I mean). This is a quick read and sure to make you laugh. And maybe cry a little bit at the end… if you’re a sap like me.
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Mellow Playlist

I have a ton of really fun, exciting, rock-it-out playlists… but sometimes you don’t want to rock it out, you want to chill it out.

Whether you’re doing pilates or yoga, stretching, going for a walk, or just lying on the couch… this playlist will make you want to mellow out.

Forever – Ben Harper
I Will – Brandi Carlile
La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf
I Dreamed a Dream – Glee Cast (Lea Michele and Indina Menzel)
Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
If It Kills Me – Jason Mraz
Yesterday – Leona Lewis
I Can’t – Ben Sollee
Here I Am – Leona Lewis
Hold On – Michael Buble
At This Moment – Michael Buble
More Than This – Missy Higgins
I Want You To Be My Love – Over the Rhine
Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne

happy relaxing!
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