TRX Rip Training

I’ve been doing a lot of Rip Training lately… 
Partly because it’s my job. 
Mostly because I want a six pack.
And I have to perform a modern dance this evening,
in front of a lot of people, 
wearing only a sports bra and small shorts. 
Photo by Adrian Li
Watch this video and you’ll see why it’s badass: 
AND 10,000 bonus points goes to whoever 
can find me in the video! 
(Leave a comment with the exact time I enter the frame to receive your points*) 
*that aren’t useful for anything other than bragging rights
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Time to get RIPPED!

I’ve already have one, but I got 2 more in the mail today! Woo hoo!
Such a great, useful piece of equipment for your toolbox…
Wanna see it in action?
Want one for yourself?
Click it:
TRX RIP Trainer
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TRX Rip Trainer!

TRX Training has introduced the new TRX Rip Trainer! It’s very exciting in the world of fitness. Why? Because I said so. Ha! Kidding. (But really folks) I can attest to its effectiveness. While I was at the annual TRX Instructor’s Summit in San Fran last month, we all got a Rip Trainer workout and we were ALL feeling it for the next few days. A bunch of fitness professionals, feeling it. My core was so sore it hurt to laugh, cough, sit up. LOVED IT. Watch the vid. Check it out. (I’m in it. Kind of. In the background. But still still, technically, in it.)

The Rip Trainer is similar to the TRX in that it’s lightweight (4 lbs), easy to travel with, able to be set up anywhere (indoors, outdoors, etc), and it’s works your entire core while you’re targeting other muscle groups. It uses asymmetrical loading of the resistance cord to constantly challenge one’s balance and force maximum muscle recruitment. Can your chest press machine do that? Nope. So scope it out here. If you’ve got questions, let me know!

And a big CONGRATS to Kathy! She is the proud new recipient of 2 personal training sessions with me. Because she was the only one around who entered. Sorry CA peeps. : ) Kathy! Email me with your schedule so we can get you hooked up. Guess who gets to be one of the first to try the new Rip Trainer? That’s right.
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